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A Session with your Brother

The Problem: Children aren't learning and being passed through schools.

Observation (from my viewpoint):

The responsibilities fall on - 1) Teachers are responsible for teaching the curriculum. 2) Learners are responsible for learning the curriculum being taught.

The Challenges to correct - 1) The curriculum and needs, expectations, and requirements after school do not align. 2) The funds for maintaining a school are governed by the number of students and the progress of those students. Motives to deceive (my viewpoint). 3) There is no support for the two parties to succeed (Teachers nor Learners). Explain: Most of the time is spent on behavior issues, interrupting the "Learning process," and creating a hostile environment while being criticized by people who are not willing to assist. Hmmm. [There are so many more challenges I could not include here.]

The point: Children will continue to be passed through the educational system and learn "undesirable" lessons on addressing their issues. Learners are not "learning" because we are joining them in making the environment more hostile by spending time and energy on blaming and complaining about only one party in a multiple-party relationship. (Spilt milk doesn't clean itself up!)

My thoughts: Come to a truce and provide the council how your skills and God-given talents can provide solutions that Learners will learn and earn their way through that justifies the capital spent on securing all parties are successful.

Peace ~Your Brother in Christ 21

Be the difference that makes the difference.

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