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Addressing Mental and Emotional Disorders ~ God’s Way.

A personal and intimate time with God that destroys the root of your mental and emotional disorder.

It is good that you recognize this situation is beyond you to handle alone. You should not feel ashamed. The things that happened in your developmental years play a crucial role in your way of reasoning. Unfortunately, it is not always to our good. For instance, when confronted with issues and situations, you reference what you have in your memory banks, which are full of toxins of the past.

*Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or mental and emotional health expert. I am a man who has received inspiration to share his testimony about God’s grace, mercy, and tough love, which saved me from further damage mentally and emotionally.

Pain is pain regardless of the process.

I am not going to harp on the pain, as you may think. I am more interested in addressing the results, effects, and God’s Instructions on overcoming them. Not to downplay your horrific past and traumatic experiences that caused you mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual disorder - but for us to overcome the results and effects, you must be willing to see, hear, and feel things from a NEW WAY.

I was brought up in a loving home - nonetheless, I witnessed my mother suffering from Bronchitis Attacks and Back Spasms and being threatened by a group of teenagers while too young to be of any real help (in my mind). I witnessed my grandmother fainting and suffering from heart issues again ~ I was too young to be of real help (in my mind).

I am not here trying to compare my pain with your pain but to share that I understand pain. That pain caused me to pray to God for things that really mattered. I was not that child praying for toys only - but for God’s Healing Powers and Protection for the people I love.

“The mind stores memories of the things witnessed and experienced and hoped for.”

The Tragedy of Referencing memories from a Carnal Mind ~

The dreaded day came when my grandmother transitioned (called home to be with the Lord). I was 16 and about to be a teenage dad (any day). My grandmother called and wanted to spend some time with me and mom. At that time, I was dealing with things going on with my girlfriend’s people and put off from spending time. We always think we have time to make up for not taking the time.

The call came, “Beauty” is in the Hospital, and it doesn’t look good!!” As usual, I prayed to God for my grandma’s healing. Nothing! Nothing happened that I prayed for! I was angry with God.

You see, I referenced my memories of God healing mom and grandma when I prayed before, but it came from a Carnal Mindset. What made it Carnal? I am glad you asked; my mindset was yet carnal because I prayed for my will to be done, not God’s Will. Because I was angry with God and now filled with emotions governed by fear - what would happen if momma got sick too? Would God do the same and take her???

“A Carnal Mind is Hostile towards God and His Will. A Carnal Mind cares only about what it wants and desires regardless of God’s Desires.”

God’s Love is not like ours. God knew I needed a Father’s Love - He allowed me to experience consequences and repercussions for my words and actions that He did not approve of. No pun intended, mothers, but you tend to give sons a pass where they need tough love.

Reasoning based on the memories of a Reprobate Mind~

Now a man, I didn’t realize the damage I caused by entertaining the memories that validated my anger towards God and the world. You see, it is here where we are given over to ourselves to believe and think as we want. This is not freedom but punishment.

Yes, you influence many people to take your side and believe your accounts of your past to dismiss your choices today. Manipulator. Deceiver. You are hiding behind your memories and playing on the emotions of others to overlook your faults. Sometimes, those with a reprobate mind will honestly believe and think they are right and justified. Until…

“Truth and Reality have the power to realign those given over to themselves for correction.”

The Sober Mind is the result of those who allow God to detoxify their Mind of toxic memories ~

I was a man in his forties when momma transitioned. I have been through the fire that tests the change of people’s hearts and minds. God had prepared me mentally and emotionally for the day and hour. He did not allow me to reference toxic memories. My sons and I were not able to drive the van to get to momma...until God addressed my mental and emotional state. Don't get it wrong!! Emotions are necessary in the life of a Child of God. We cry as men and women when we are sad. We laugh as men and women when we are happy. We frown as men and women when we are angry. I am speaking to those God Created (For He created us, men and women). In this hour, God is gathering His sons and daughters.

"Sons and Daughters becoming Sober Minded by Tough Love that refuses to allow you to remain Carnal and of a Reprobate Mindset."

The way to obtain a sober mind is to refuse to entertain the memories that prevent forgiveness and love from being expressed as God Commands. It is our choice to use the Weapons God provides to pull down the Strongholds of Unforgiveness, Hate, and Self-Justification.

As Jocko Wilink says, “Simple, but not easy.”

Until you surrender to God, your hurt and right to be angry and spiteful, you are trapped in your Carnal and Reprobate Mind to be Satan’s Pawn ~ tearing down those God intended for you to love. The Day of Judgment is the moment we all learn the Truth and where Reality will be full of splendor. Peace.

“Repent and refuse to entertain the memories that make you an enemy of God and to yourself. Why put off what you can do right now? Use the Weapons of God to pull down the Strongholds that govern your mental and emotional status.”

~In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”

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