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Answering the Call of Wisdom

Chosen to stand out without trying to!

Last week, we addressed, “Does God approve of you and your work?”

This is for those who have an ear and heart for God. God has called many to be as His Son Jesus, but few are chosen to live that out on earth. What I mean by that is this…only a few are listening to understand the heart of the message from God.

The Liberator:

Wisdom calleth out for the Liberator, some show up, but all have different reasons. The pain and suffering testified on a daily prove we need a Liberator (Jesus, the Word of God). We have witnessed the cancellation and silence of many potential Liberators (willing to be as Jesus).

Traumatized by the response of those the Liberator has come to liberate has caused a decline in potential Liberators (willing to be as Jesus) from answering the call of Wisdom.

Don’t worry! God’s Instrument (those who accept God's Assignment) stands out (the Few) because they are willing to answer the call of Wisdom. God’s Instrument is equipped to FREE those held hostage to Offense, Unforgiveness, Hatred, Wickedness, Evil, Lust, and Pride. God’s Instrument is Used by God for God’s Purpose, not your programs, projects, or ministries (to fill seats and increase revenue).

God’s Instrument, used to liberate God’s People, is not confined to your opinion or beliefs. God’s Instrument is hated and despised by those who gain from God’s People being and doing what God Disproves.

In the Bible, we witness how God raised individuals up to rescue, lead, and manage others in a manner Approved by God. Notice: God did not change their bodies. However, He did change their hearts and minds (Spirit and Soul). Therefore, you may look the same to people, but you are very different to God (as a New Creation).

Be encouraged to make the calling on your life and God’s Election of you - well-established for fulfilling the assignment to liberate God’s people from themselves and the enemy of our Souls.

For those of you, who are not really spiritual or connected with God, at the moment, understand that the call is for the “whomsoever will” ~ If you are willing to answer the call of Wisdom for a Liberator (follow Jesus' example) - it is possible you are God’s Instrument of liberation, at this moment, for this event, and in this environment.

Hard Truth:

Count the cost of answering the call of Wisdom. You will be hated. You will be accused. You will be betrayed by those close to you. You will be rejected by the very ones you are sent to liberate.

Consider the rewards for answering the call of Wisdom. You will be Approved by God. You will receive God’s Holy Spirit as a guide, comforter, and teacher. You will be Accepted and Received into God’s Kingdom. You will be Crowned, given a New Name, and Live Forever in Peace with God.

Next time we will address being God’s Instrument of Light…

~Your Brother in Christ 21

"A session with your Brother."


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