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Are our Faith Leaders Mistaken about Tithes and Offerings?

There are Two Options Think about it or Be about it!

Recently, a well-known Christian Leader stated that Tithing was not biblical or scriptural and should not be considered because we are under grace. The word tithe means a tenth part of your produce. The purpose of the Tithe is to provide for the needs of God’s Chosen with Justice and Love. [We will get into this later]

  • What does it mean to be biblical? For the purpose of this blog post, biblical means in accordance with the Bible.

  • What does it mean to be scriptural? For the purpose of this blog post, scriptural means can be found in the Scriptures.

  • What does Paul mean to be under grace? For the purpose of this blog post, under grace means to find favor and declared right with God.

The Error

Tithes (the word) was first mentioned in Genesis when Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils he earned from the victory (by the Grace of God). I purposely included, “by the Grace of God” because it is by His grace we gain victory over the oppositions in life.

The error in the statement “Tithing is not biblical or scriptural, and should not be considered because we are under grace” is incorrect. For example, according to the bible, we find in scriptures that Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils he earned from the victory where he found favor and was declared right with God [Genesis 14:17-24]

Two Options:

Give or Don’t give!

Abram (Abraham) had a heart and mind to give a tenth (Tithe) to Melchizedek (the High Priest).

The Truth

We have become stubborn and rebellious in our ways and giving because our hearts and minds are not truly surrendered to God. I know this is not what (any of us) want to hear or read, but this is true. For instance, we are more concerned with feeling bad for not giving than we do for not honoring God’s namesake.

The world frowns upon God and His Church because they have witnessed Church Leaders getting fat while they are becoming thin. Hmmm. The sons of Eli followed this same thinking, and Eli didn’t get fat by reframing from his sons' abuse of the office.

According to the Bible, Hophni and Phinehas (sons of Eli, the high priest) caused the people to disrespect giving the offerings (no, it did not say tithes). The point is the turning away of the heart and mind of the people from God. The scriptures testify of God’s displeasure when a man of God confronted Eli, the High Priest. Eli proved he was fully aware of his sons' mishaps prior to the Man of God. However, he blinded himself from his role in dishonoring God’s name and the delegated office.

[1 Samuel 2:25-36]

It was by God’s grace that the Man of God was sent to warn Eli to repent and correct the injustice and the expression of hate towards God and what is rightfully His.

Two Options:

Honor God’s name and give as He desires, or Dishonor God’s name and refuse to give Him what He desires!!

Under Grace - able to Fulfill

It is amazing that when it comes to Tithes and Offerings, we disagree wholeheartedly, but with taxes, we use them as a weapon to have a voice. According to the Bible, there was a time the religious leaders challenged Jesus about paying taxes, but that was not the purpose of the challenge. For example, the tithes and offering challenge is not about the money but your heart and mind towards the purpose of tithes and offerings.

Taxes are used to care for the needs of the citizens. The scriptures reveal God’s perspectives when people use their liberty to refuse tithes and offerings after, by His Grace and Mercy, He supplied your needs. When we understand what Tithes and Offerings are to be used for, the inner conversations should be different.

  • They rob me of the Tithes and Offerings [Malachi 3:8-12]

  • They give of their abundance while she (yet poor) gives out love and justice [Mark 12:41-44]

  • They agreed to lie to the Holy Spirit about the Tithes and Offerings [Acts 5:1-11]

Two Options:

Agree with Biblical truths, Scriptural testimony, and Grace of God or Disagree with Biblical truths, Scriptural testimony, and Grace of God.

No shade on Church Leaders or their followers – this is a post to warn and be warned that we all are faced with two options. I choose to give as God provides to honor His name while supplying justice and love to those in need. I agree with Biblical truth, Scriptural testimonies, and God’s Grace that supplies all my needs to give. Peace

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”


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