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Be Great! Anything less is a Sin.

The objective of this blog is to give you a sneak peek into the online course coming soon!

Living below your potential

Have you ever said to yourself, “I am more than this!” I will never forget when a pastor pointed me out and asked what is your occupation? I said, "I am an Electrician." He pointed with vigor and said, “YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT!”

That was years ago, and I had found myself making decent money only to feel unfulfilled and miserable. The money was not giving me peace. Don’t get it twisted; having the money helped with the necessities of life, but not my inner being.

I wasn’t feeling the position anymore, but it was putting food on the table. You know what I mean? I remembered that pastor’s words and tone.

I was living below my potential because God’s purpose for creating me was being disregarded.

While on Facebook, God presented individuals that would provide the spark to seek God’s purpose for my life. I was given the opportunity to co-host and host a Blog Talk Radio segment for a number of years. It did not stop there! God opened the door for me to co-author and self-publish inspirational books.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now a Master Electrician seeking to honor God for not giving up on me.

Stuck trying to figure out your next move

The problem was I tend to become impaired by my own mindset and fearful heart. Yes, God sent many more pastors who proclaimed that I should allow God to use me and help others. God was not through with me.

However, with this information, I was still stuck on what to do [FEAR has a voice]. I was drowning in my own tears and weighed by an uncircumcised heart. But God!!!

God blessed me with my new pastor, who said something profound…."Kevin, you already know what to do; you just need to do it."

It was at that moment I buckled down to become a Master Electrician to positively impact other potential electricians. Currently, I am putting together an online course to help others who are struggling with generational, cultural, and individual curses. We are more than this!!

Be Great. Anything less is sin to those called and chosen by God Almighty. Together we can and will cause God to sing and rejoice over us.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”

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