Dear frustrated and confused...

Why am I here? What is my next?

These are questions asked regardless of age or gender.

You have prayed and fasted, seeking God for the answer. Some have grown frustrated with God and have sought other sources to answer these questions.


Everything and one that exists have an objective or purpose. Our mistakes are lessons, and failures are clues that something is off.


God's children are here to make peace, express God's love, and be the testimony of God's (their Father's) goodness and mercy.


God's children's next move is to impart their knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to those coming behind them.

Distinction - God's Children

Be encouraged. Your health, wealth, relationships, and work are opportunities for you to shine. For instance, there are no sick, poor, toxic relationships and unfulfilling work where God calls His children.

Don't let anything or one steal your joy, peace, and confidence in your Heavenly Father!!! This will pass as you focus "more" on being God's humbled, bold, and compliant child.

You are here to shine and light the way for others to God. Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ

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