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Does God Approve of our Worship?

Does God Approve of our ways of worshiping Him?

The definition of Worship: Worship is to express honor, admiration, and reverence for God. Worship is to declare God is worthy of praise for being real, truthful, and the greatest. Worship is to recognize and acknowledge God is God.

Worship that provokes God to anger

This blog post is directed toward religious systems that use worship to connect with God (Creator/ Father of Jesus/ Judge overall).

Despising God’s Name (The Priests who govern religious activities done in the places of worship) by not having the Right Attitude and not using the Right Connection to God

Malachi 1:6-14

  • Priests offering what God declares is defiled when worshipping. (Provokes God to anger)

  • Priests using Strange Fire (unauthorized) while worshipping. God declares it empty worship. (Provokes God to anger)

  • Priests made God’s Name anything but great (to profane) while worshipping. (Provokes God to anger)

The Deceiver – One who worships God with unacceptable offerings and unauthorized practices is accursed.

Despising God’s Authority (The people do whatever seems right to them while disregarding the chastening of the Lord) by not having a Right Heart and not using the Right Reasoning to represent God on earth.

Amos 5:16-27

  • Mistreating the poor [When God’s provisions are misused for self] (Provokes God to anger)

  • Afflicting the just (those God has forgiven and declared righteous) [When God’s judgment is disregarded and called evil] (Provokes God to anger)

  • Receiving bribes to distort justice [When God’s authority is ignored because of greed and irreverence] (Provokes God to anger)

The Wicked – One who worships God with an evil heart and reprobate mind.

Worship that is approved and accepted

The bible tells us of numerous times God rejected worship because of the worshipper's lack of spirit and truthfulness. For example, Jesus said to the woman at the well the time is now that the true worshippers will worship God in spirit and truth (John 4:19-24).

Here we are given a distinction in worship by the word “True,” indicating that there is a “False” worship practice within Religious Systems. For this reason, God appoints His chosen to address and manage the situation caused by religious systems that encourage false worship.

I am inspired to observe what God considers acceptable. The answer to our question, “Does God approve of our worship?”

"DEPENDS on..."

According to Malachi and Amos, God disapproves of unauthorized practices and unacceptable people, causing His Name and Authority to be dishonored, dismissed, and slandered. Therefore, our worship must be with the "right attitude," "right connection" (through Jesus only!), "right heart," and "right reasoning."

Notice that we are not restricted to a particular place to worship. For example, the mountain or Jerusalem are not the only places to worship God.

"Don't downplay Churches nor exalt places that do not reverence God!!"

Let's be clear when God presents His perspective on our manner of worship; it is best to repent and comply with God’s declaration of TRUE WORSHIP.

Jesus explained to the woman at the well that God seeks "True Worshippers" –

”They shall worship Him in Spirit and Truth.”

Stay tuned. Coming soon, we will take a deeper look at how to worship God in Spirit and Truth?

~Your Brother in Christ 21

"A Session with your Brother"

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