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Ending the Debate, is God REAL or is god FAKE?

Understanding the parable of the Wheat and Tares in Matthew 13:24-30

There are some who are against God being real because they judge Him false and fake. Why??

Does it matter? This is where the debate is birthed. When the need to know why is sought.

No more!

Parable of the Wheat and Tares (synopsis)

The real God (Father of Jesus) sowed the wheat in His field (the earth). The fake god (Satan) sowed tares in God’s field (the earth).

The Wheat represents the children of God. The Tares represent the children of Satan. You can distinguish them by the way they respond to God, the owner of the Field. The children of God are not hostile nor hate God, while the children of Satan do.

Why allow the Tares to grow with the Wheat?

The scriptures tell us that God (Father of Jesus), the owner, discouraged the servants (Angels) from seeking to uproot the Tares at this time because it would prematurely damage the maturing Wheat.

This is why today we are witnessing a growth in those who express their disdain and disbelief of God (Father of Jesus) openly. The increase in insubordination is permitted proving the prophetic scriptures to be true.

Warning for the immature Wheat who wishes to debate with Tares.

The immature wheat are the carnal-minded. For instance, Paul rebuked those who claim to be children of God (Father of Jesus) for causing divisions in the FAITH. You see, immature wheat are not able to make good judgment yet! Because of the Affliction and Troubles happening all around them, they (like the Tares) make choices that cost them their souls.

Wisdom for the immature to become mature Wheat.

Remember, Satan (fake god) was identified as the enemy, and he was the one who strategically placed and planted his Tares. For example, our families, communities, governments, and places of worship are chosen places. It is where the most damage can be done to the Harvest. The purpose or intent is to devour and smother the wheat from maturing.

Yes, you could be the Tare and not them!


  1. They devalue words of encouragement that are meant to deliver and reward the maturing Wheat.

  2. They call good evil and evil good. For instance, they justify their evil thoughts and ways while condemning the rebuke and repentance message as evil. Hmmm.

  3. They go out of their way to find fault or create fault to accuse the Wheat of not being Wheat. Like their father (Satan) choose to exercise their temporary authority and power to intimidate and manipulate immature wheat to damage the Harvest.

However, the mature Wheat will endure and overcome the increase in power of the Tares until Harvest Time. God (Father of Jesus) will intervene with His Angels.

Why, there is no need to Debate with Tares or the Fake god (Satan).

God (Father of Jesus) is REAL. Those who are Wheat are sown by Him. Those who are Wheat must stand their ground and become mature in Jesus while here on earth. Know this the TIME is coming when God (Father of Jesus) will order His REAPERS (Angels) to separate and gather…

Stop debating over who is Right or Wrong about God (Father of Jesus)! In time we will all know the Truth. The debate is a distraction from the Wheat maturing on the nourishment provided. Turn the Tares over to themselves and let them believe what they want. The Harvest Time is nearer, and the Angels are coming.

To the Wheat on the earth – Be very courageous and meditate on the Word of God to mature in His likeness. Then you will be able to discern the lies and tricks of Satan to avoid. Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”


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