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Endtimes: Inheriting the Kingdom a Call for the Heirs

The Stipulations of the Will.

Disclaimer: Wannabes will be tight with this message. Authentic Heirs will be warned if disconnected and encouraged if sheltered in Christ Jesus.

Are you God’s choice to inherit His Kingdom? Saying you are, is cute, but is God saying you are?

Let’s get into it! No need to tarry, attacking the flesh off the jump.

You say - you are a born-again believer who speaks in tongues, and is a devoted minister of God’s word. [The person most consider an ideal heir of God’s Kingdom - right?]

To the Unsure - you are the confused person - not knowing what to believe. You don’t speak in tongues, but you often groan because of life’s troubles beating you down. You are not a devoted minister of God’s word, but you go out of your way to encourage and help people struggling like you. [The person most consider not the ideal heir of God’s Kingdom - right?]

Why go through life debating what your relationship status is with God? Let’s check our Spiritual DNA and what the Stipulations are in the Will.

  • Born of God’s Will and not man

  • Speaking the language that God answers

  • Performing duties that God ordains, anoints, and approves.

Side note:

Don’t ask, what about people who never heard God’s Word - It is written; the Gospel will be preached unto the whole world. (Matthew 24:14) No excuses - choosing to be ignorant is not an excuse. It is provoking unto God.

Entering the Kingdom

For now, let’s see who God will not allow access into His Kingdom. Flesh and blood cannot Inherit the Kingdom (1 Corinthians 15:50). We are informed that people, in general, cannot inherit God’s Kingdom. Jesus revealed that anyone born of blood, and of the will of the flesh, and by the will of man, is not considered God’s Children (Heirs) (John 1:13).

Must be Born Again - Born of God’s Will

So, just because we say we are God’s Children does not make us His Children. Our Will to be heirs is not valid or truthful without a Spiritual DNA test being done.

Have you received Jesus to be given the RIGHT to become God’s Children (HEIRS)?

We must HUMBLE ourselves and be WEANED from dependency on man to supply our needs and nourishments. (Read Matthew 18:3/ Mark 10:15/ Luke 18:17) Without Jesus, we are not HEIRs of God’s Kingdom.

Side note:

Don’t think your resume of accomplishments holds weight when you deny God’s Son Jesus. If any of us denies Him, He will deny us to the Father. (Matthew 10:33) No Boasting of Entitlement - sit down, be humble, or get humbled! (Matthew 23:12) This kind of behavior is an abomination unto God.

Must speak the Language God approves and meet the stipulations of the Will to be found worthy

The Apostle Paul testified that even though he speaks in tongues, has the gift of prophecy, faith to move mountains, and sacrifices for others - if he has not LOVE, it profits him nothing.

(Read 1 Corinthians 13:1-3)

Stop saying what does LOVE have to do with it. It has everything to do with it! Love is both an approved language and meets the stipulation of the Will to be declared a worthy heir and gain ACCESS into God’s Kingdom.


That place in your heart and mind is unfit for God because you are the god of it. When you are ready to exercise your right to become God’s Heir - surrender your godship and receive Jesus as Lord over your Heart and Mind.

Be encouraged. You still have breath in your body - to make the decision and exercise the right and turn your life over to Jesus, our Ark of Safety. The Endtime is nearer than yesterday!

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”


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