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How long will we choose to be Ignorant and Incompetent - about this moment?

The Beginning of Sorrows and Perilous Days are upon us.

Whether you have read the Bible or not, you have heard about the End of Days. Well, this is a Blog Post to address the issues we are witnessing before our very eyes. Yes, the beginning of the End. Nah, you aren’t scared, nor do you believe in any of the testimonies from the Bible.

And it begins…

Jesus’ warning and instructions

Take the time to read Matthew chapter 24 and consider Jesus’ message from a Don’t and Do perspective.


  • Don’t be Fooled; By those who use Jesus’ name and profess Jesus to be the Messiah - but lead you from Jesus’ Truth for their own.

  • Don’t be Intimidated; By the violence, pandemics, and natural disasters witnessed or heard secondhand.

  • Don’t waver in your Faith; When your loved ones betray, hate, and injure your good name to where your enemies move in to finish off what’s left.

  • Don’t allow yourself to be caught still Ignorant and Incompetent; About your purpose for being offered Jesus and God’s Holy Spirit. False Prophets have the powers and position to lead you to do and believe contrary to God (while convincing you that you are doing God’s work).

  • Don’t revert back to your old self (as you were before being changed by God’s Grace and Mercy); Our choices will diminish over time to the point we must choose between dying in God’s Truth or dying in our own truth.


  • Do become Discerning; Test the spirits by the Spirit. You will know them by their Fruits. Do they operate out of LOVE or SUPPRESSED HATE?

  • Do become Very Courageous; Your boldness is a sign to the world that your God is the Authority. Your calmness is a sign that your God is All-Powerful. Your humbleness is a sign that your God is Worthy of your Soul (Life).

  • Do contend to be settled in your Faith; Prove to the Real Enemy you have made your decision to Love God with all your heart and mind. Prove to the Real Enemy that you are who God predestined.

  • Do focus on Jesus and perfect the skill of righteous living; Prove to the Real Enemy you are Aware of his tactics and devices. Prove to the Real Enemy you are Skilled at exercising the power and authority God has given to resist and cast out his minions.

  • Do press towards becoming who God predestined you to be; by subduing your emotions, attitude, and response (EARs) to comply with God’s Instructions. You are the Salt of the earth - bringing Love and Peace. You are the Light of the world - bringing Hope and Inspiration to view and reason in compliance with God’s Standards of Righteous Living.

Paul’s counsel with Timothy

The Bible shares Paul’s revelation to his recently promoted mentee that the signs of the time are reflected by the behavior and thoughts of people. There are so many traits we are told that will identify the moment and what we are to do in response.

No, your schools, church programs, and laws will not change the outcome of what is happening!!!

No, your money, genius ideas, or powerful connections will not offset anything happening or will happen!!!

*Take this time to read 2 Timothy 3 and consider the behaviors and thoughts


  • Self-Loving

  • Money-Loving

  • Proud (Prideful)

  • Arrogant

  • Insulting

  • Disobedient to Parents

  • Ungrateful

  • Unholy

  • Heartless

  • Unappeasable

  • Slanderous

  • Uncontrolled

  • Brutal

  • Hateful of good

  • Traitorous

  • Outwardly righteous; Inwardly denying the power of righteous living


  • Headstrong

  • Swollen with conceit

  • Loving Pleasure more than God

“Stay away from these individuals!” (2 Timothy 3:5 CJB)

This Blog Post is a checklist to use when evaluating yourself and those in your circle of influence. Now, remember God’s written word is useful in correction and instruction. Therefore, whenever you or I decide to apply them in our lives, we position ourselves to be changed from the inside out. This change will not make people like you - on the contrary.

“Pray for them; Return good for evil; Separate from them; leave vengeance in God’s Hands”

The point is, people - this is only the beginning. If the checkpoints cause you disturbance, take this time to Repent and get right with God. He sent Jesus to address our sin-nature and the sins of our past. When Jesus returns, it is not about forgiveness - It’s a RECKONING!!!

Thank you for reading. I pray we all will consider our responsibility for our Souls being surrendered to God through Jesus. We are not left alone to tackle the current events or the coming troubles God has offered to seal “the whomsoever will,” with His Holy Spirit (the Guarantee that no other can give). Peace.

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~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your brother.”


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