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How to build a REAL Relationship with an invisible God.

Lord, make Your presence felt that we may know You.

Can you remember the first time learning of/about God?

Who taught you of/about God?

Why do some say He is real, while others say He is a fairytale?

“To be, or not to be - To believe or not to believe?” ~ That is the question, right?

How many adults argue whether Santa Claus is a Fairytale? Yet, grown folks argue to the point of violence whether God is Real or not! Hmmm. Sounds wicked and demonic. With that being said - let’s see, who do we have reading today?

Those who choose not to be (who God Desires) or believe (what God Testifies) - This BLOG is not for you. I am sorry that you got caught in the NET. I am putting you back.

Those who choose to be (who God Desires) and believe (what God Testifies) - This BLOG is for you. Welcome to our conversation.

The introduction

My mom taught me about God. My family believes in praying, reading the Bible, and going to Church. However, like most of you, I needed a personal encounter to truly grasp whether I will be and believe. Zapped! I chose to veer away from the teachings but knew God existed. Sound familiar? Yes, the teachings were seeds planted. I realized later.

Finding myself lost when my grandmother transitioned. You see, I prayed and nothing! She still transitioned. Lord God, you said we are “to pray and believe, and we shall receive whatsoever we ask in prayer.” I was a teenager. Out of frustration and pain, I did the unimaginable. God had become the same as Santa Claus (a disappointment).

When I had made the decision to end my life because there was no way I wanted to be alive to lose my mom too - This became my STORM; I didn't want to deal with life, people, or God. Then God. God came through and saved me from making a permanent wrong decision. My oldest daughter was born the next day (at the same time) my grandmother transitioned.

[I mention this in my ebook]

Long story short, I was truly introduced to God - in my STORM. As a man full of pride, ego, lust, deception, ignorance, fear, and manipulation, I had to die (the sin-nature). With the help from people I love, who could do the most damage. My old self was put to rest. Some of you know what I'm talking about!

I received God’s AGAPE Love that broke through the hardness, pain, and fears. Thank You, Lord God. Now, I am not afraid. Now, I am being molded by God. Now, I am pursuing to help others who have been chosen by God to Be and Believe who God Desires and Testifies about.

If that is you, say Amen in the comments. Both offenders and victims need the Love of God. Offenders will be broken, and Victims will be healed. God is REAL to those He has Revealed Himself.

God Bless you, the reader. If this is not you, but someone you know, then share it with them. Be a peacemaker. They are the children of God. Real Brotherly Love for my sisters and brothers globally.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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