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How to find Peace in the Flames and the Storms of life.

Updated: Feb 19

Dancing in the Flames unbounded and Walking on the troubled waters produced by the Storm.

Thank you for taking the time to join me as I discuss recorded events in the Bible. These events present viable information for the Crisis we all are witnessing and experiencing.

So many people have judged and pressed their opinions on how Christians ought to act or respond to today’s mayhem. This Blog Post is not that!!

We will simply observe what the scriptures say and compare them to the obstacles of today.

Bound by the bands of contrary laws and persecuted for trying to do the right thing. [Fiery Furnace]

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of the Three Hebrew men, who refused to dishonor God by bowing down to the image the king created.

Daniel 3

Citizens within a kingdom must pay homage to the king and his decrees or shall be judged and sentenced by the king. There were times your whole family would pay for your insubordination.

The decree of the king has power only within his borders or kingdom. The story about Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego presents an interesting response to the king's orders. To the three Hebrew men, the order was dismissive, disrespectful, and disobedient towards the Creator of man and woman (God). The question is, does a king override God's Legal Jurisdiction over the inhabitants on the earth?

To whom will I show my allegiance???

Today, we are witnessing and experiencing laws and decrees made of kings, queens, and presidents that are dismissive, disrespectful, and disobedient toward God. And, because we are citizens, we are bound and indebted (dependent upon) to the Nation or Kingdom we live in.

Yet, the Nation and Kingdom are blessed because of our reverence for God. For instance, many have had their lives turned around, becoming a blessing since God showed them Mercy.

God has proven countless times to kings and queens that they have no power or authority to stand against Him. However, God allows them to prosper temporary against His obedient children. For instance, when the three Hebrew men declined to comply with the order of the king - they were arrested, overruled, and sentenced to death by being thrown into a Fiery Furnace.

How many people have been seized, overruled, and sentenced to death for their stand against laws that were Dismissive, Disrespectful, and Disobedient toward God?

Everyone with a sharp tongue is allowed for the moment to speak swelling words. Everyone's hands placed on God's forgiven are allowed for the moment do bodily harm. Nevertheless, as we read in this story of the three Hebrew men, God sometimes intervenes publicly.

God's timing is vicious. He chose to show up after they were thrown into the Fiery Furnace. Before they were cast into the Fiery Furnace, they were persecuted severely. Why? Because they sought to do right in accordance with God. It does not mean that people killed and canceled by society are rejected by God or are evil! It simply means God is allowing them to be released from their decaying bodies to receive new bodies that will not decay.

Consider this - the king sought to humiliate and make a public example of them. Hmmm. We see this today on social media, every day, all day.

Notice how after these men were thrown into the Fiery Furnace, the FLAMES freed the men from being Bound, and the presence of Jesus had them dancing in the FLAMES unharmed.

When the king realized that he had made a mistake, he Repented for making such a LAW and Repealed the Law. The king honored God as God.

We are able to find Peace in the Flames because we understand the FLAMES are meant to set us free, and the Presence of Jesus is why we aren’t harmed in any way.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I pray this has blessed you to view your allegiance with God through Jesus as superior to any law on earth that dismisses, disrespects, and disobeys His Holy Word and Character.


~Your Brother in Christ 21


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