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How to overcome the False Narratives and Labels

Jesus is the Way and the Truth that overrides the claims against you.

In this Blog Post, we will discuss the way to overcome the validity of the charges and claims made against you. [Inspired by Podcast interview with Rodney Kirkwood and Mandrill McLaughlin Jr. on "Total Man."]

Have you ever wondered why those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus are considered dangerous to the World’s System?

Step One:

Acknowledge the truth about your past and the choices you made. Confess them to your Counselor Only. People are not a good choice to confide in about your Past History. Take this time to seek proper Counsel.

You are being accused of being Evil, Wicked, and a Devil. Your past validates this accusation. You have suffered and are suffering for your past indiscretions. You have learned and want a chance to make right your wrongs.

The best Counselor is an ex-Prosecutor, who is now a Defense Attorney (at this time). Jesus -The Word of God is the ex- Prosecutor best suited to Defend those seeking to make amends for their Sins.

Jesus is the Word of God ~ If you are sincere in wanting to make amends for your Evil, Wickedness, and Devilish ways - Jesus is your Best Defense Attorney.

Step Two:

It was Jesus who offered His services to those whose lives were narrated and labeled by their accuser. In this step, you must confess everything to Jesus (your Counsellor). However, confession must be accompanied by evidence of true repentance. These are the requirements of Jesus to represent us.

In order for Jesus to become your representative, you must pay His Retainer - which is to confess the Truth and endure the chastisement. Jesus requires you to pick up your cross and crucify your Old Life and Old Ways.

Once you retain Jesus as your Counselor, He then moves to have your case heard by the Right Judge. Not all judges will allow the evidence you have to secure favor with the court. Picking the Wrong Judge will surely cripple your chances of a New Life.

God is the Right Judge to preside over your case. Your peers and the judges of this world are the Wrong Judges to expect forgiveness and mercy.

Step three:

You have the Right Counselor to represent you. Your case is before the Right Judge. You have paid the required debt to the One you owed. Now what? It is the Judge who declares to withhold Judgment for now and grants you a second chance with a New Life and New Spirit. The person with such a declaration has been suspended from being recognized as their Old Life and Old Ways.

The declaration of the Right Judge ~ considers the Old you dead. Therefore, any reference to the Old you other than to testify of God’s Justice and Mercy is NOW FALSE!!!

The rehearsal of who you were to inflict further pain is a violation against God’s Declaration and Authority. This is why those who validate their anger and hatred towards you - are heated when seeing or hearing your New Life and Walk. The true enemy is Satan. As an Angel, he is not granted this Forgiveness and Mercy. God, the Right Judge, is despised by Satan for His Love and Compassion for you.

Satan is the true enemy that accuses those who Repent of not being worthy of Forgiveness and Mercy. Satan, in response to you being Favored by God, is to spread a False Narrative and Label of who you are today ~ by revisiting who you were before God Declared you Right with Him (at this time).

Step four:

The last step for overcoming the False Narratives and Labels is for you to stay true to the (PBJ) Probation Before Judgment. A PBJ is what we all have until our moment before God at the end of days.

God is watching, and the recorder is recording in the Books. Beware. Every sin that is not covered by the Blood of the Lamb will be recalled on Judgment Day. Every wolf that slays the sheep and wages war against Jesus will meet the Lion of Judah in Battle.

Take this moment to examine your life and where it could end up if you don’t make changes. To overcome the False Narratives and Labels, you must destroy their legitimacy by crucifying the Old you on the cross you carry as you follow Jesus. You will be confronted with the claims again, but you must respond as a New Creation in Jesus (the Word of God).

For the Work, God has done in you ~ Love and make Peace with your Peers. Your Peers are not the enemy even though they side with the enemy. Fight the good fight of Faith to please God, the One whose Grace and Mercy have given you a second chance.

God Bless.

~Your Brother in Christ 21 “A Session with your Brother.” #WhenRealmeetsReal

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