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Lessons learned when your physical body is under attack

Three men come to mind in the Bible that we can learn what to do and not do.

1. Job

2. Man with palsy

3. King Hezekiah

(Disclaimer: This message will offend those not ready for a different perspective)


Job 38-42; Job’s testimony teaches us that our heart, mind, spirit, and soul are being proven when our physical bodies are allowed to be attacked. Our response under physical Discomfort is more valuable than when comfortable.

Matthew 9:2-8; Man with palsy’s testimony teaches us that when our physical bodies are allowed to be attacked due to sin and transgressions, we are "being disciplined." Our willingness to seek the Lord’s forgiveness and healing will prove beneficial.

2 Kings 20:1-18; King Hezekiah’s testimony teaches us that "when our physical bodies are allowed to be attacked" as a protection against costly future errors. When it is our time to be moved from these decaying bodies, it is more important to get our affairs “in order” to impact those left behind. [Hard Truth; that scares us all]


The lesson learned from Job is we must be humble in our thoughts and words towards God when we are discomforted by physical, mental, and emotional pain. Don’t blame God nor lift yourself (up) as being more righteous and knowing than God!

The lesson learned from the man (with palsy) is that we must repent and seek to live our lives no longer bound by our past sins nor allow ourselves to repeat the same sins. Don’t remain bound by sin because of pride forgiveness and healing is yours when you seek the Lord Jesus!

The lesson learned from King Hezekiah is we must be ready for the day God calls us home by ordering our houses and affairs to bless those left behind with a model of righteousness to follow. Don’t seek more time; instead, do well with the time you have been allotted and transition to glory with no regrets!

May God Bless you and yours!

~Your Brother in Christ

Don’t be discouraged about your weakened body; instead, use this time to ready your heart, mind, spirit, and soul with humbleness, repentance, and settling your accounts. No regrets! Share with others. No more pain! Spread the word. Glory awaits!! Tell the world.

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