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Silencing the voice that says your life is inferior and meaningless

Don’t give anyone power over your soul but the savior of souls!

The Voice of the Demonic Influencer

There is a voice that gains access by our senses and emotions whose objective is to control our behavior, conduct, and reasoning. This voice has many tongues and sounds. For instance, this demon is a familiar spirit that knows us well.

The familiar spirit knows our triggers.

You don’t think the moment you are in was by coincidence, do you?

  • That argument came from nowhere!

  • That disrespectful act or word just happened!

  • That disregard for your sacrifice wasn’t meant to make you feel unappreciated!

The truth is: they all were strategically and tactically positioned, waiting for our inappropriate response and retaliation.

Can we talk? No, I am not writing a lot of scriptures! I am casting out lifelines for those drowning in the sea of hate, bitterness, and broken relationships.

Give no place to the Devil.

We were never prepared for the trauma or stress that This moment has brought. Yes, the devil is crafty. He uses moments to weaken our defenses that he may destroy our ability to resist his attacks against our heart, mind, and soul.

While watching YouTube, I came across a video of a man needing inspiration to begin his regimen to lose weight. He recalled a quote saying, “One Day or Day One!”

I got it! Devil, during this moment, I will not subcomb to your influential voice that says, “that my life is inferior and meaningless.”

No more using people’s unpleasant conversations and curt mouths to distract me from being great.

No more discounting God’s word that I choose your argument to hate, resent, and disobey God’s command to forgive and love [especially those who have done me harm].

No more will I entertain your challenges that seek to persuade me to doubt and devalue this moment.

May the Lord God rebuke you, Satan (the Devourer)

Together through Jesus, we can live productive lives! We must confront the persuasive voices in our heads that seek to control who we are, what we believe, and how we reason.

You nor I can overcome this demon alone. We need God’s Holy Spirit to silence the voice and take back what we lost listening to this Demonic Influencer.

God overturns Satan (the Devourer) of his legal rights to our stuff – when we repent and surrender our souls to God in the name of Jesus.

God has called and chosen us to be great and productive on earth.

This moment shall no longer define us as "being inferior" or "our lives meaningless" but as God’s chosen vessels.

God Bless you, my sisters and brothers.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”


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