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“The Glory of God revealed through you.”

There are three elements that prove God’s Glory on a person.

I am sharing my notes with you as a Blog Post to comply with Jesus’ teachings freely you were given - freely you should give.

Read what happened when Moses requested God to reveal Himself to him to prove he had found favor with God. (Exodus 33)

Consider three elements

1. God's Ways

a. His Response (reasoning)

b. His Initiative (desires)

2. God's Presence

a. His Spirit (affirms)

b. His Works (confirms)

3. God's Name

a. Who (He is)

b. What (He does)

Each element creates a distinguishable manifestation of God’s favor. It is recommended that you study this chapter from three perspectives - God’s, Moses’, and the people's.

God rewards us with New Names to identify (who we are to Him and what we have done as He sees us). We are responsible for showing the world that God is God. We are to display to the world the change God has done in and through us.

God blesses us with the Spirit of His Son (affirming and confirming) through empowerment and permission to call Him Father and be true.

God teaches us with Patience, His Ways (reasoning and desires) that we will become and do as we see Him do- to Glorify God our Father on Earth.

The Glory of God is highly effective.

God, by His sovereignty, has chosen to reveal His all who have eyes and ears. However, not everyone is willing to receive God’s Rewards, Presence, and Teachings.


The terms for seeing, hearing, and experiencing God’s Glory causes us to Reevaluate ourselves, make appropriate Adjustments, and Execute God’s Plan without fear or complaint.

The Parable of the Sower:

The difference between being planted in good soil and among rocks is the Fruit produced. The conditions will prove who and what we are.

You are not the same. You are different. Your heart is changing because of God’s Holy Spirit “at work” within you. Today, while it is still called today, you have the power and permission to DO DIFFERENT that manifests the Glory of God for all to see, hear, and experience.

Stop doing it to gain glory for yourself!!!

Do it that God’s Glory will cause others to believe and return to God.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share. Freely you have received…Freely you should give to others!!!

~Your Brother in Christ 21

A Session with your Brother.

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