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The Glory of God Revealed - to whom?

Whomever He declares worthy!

In today’s complex and conspiracist-conscious society, this is just another way “to control and manipulate the minds of people." The root cause of our reasoning is influenced by either God or Satan.


“What determines - who we will choose to be our influencer?”

The correlation between Doctrine and Results

The Bible shares testimony about a man named Moses, someone who God chose to reveal Himself (without Moses dying as a result). See if you can relate to Moses' developmental years; to learn what he was taught and how his consciousness was shaped to be influenced by God, instead of Satan.

Moses’ upbringing:

  1. Raised by a System that caused him to be stripped from his family and heritage to live a life under the pressures of seeing his people mistreated by the very System he depended on for the essentials of life.

  2. Taught about their many gods and witnessed the horrific treatment of his people who trusted in one God.

“It is not what you are taught, but what you have learned that matters most.”

Moses disregarded the doctrine of the Egyptians and the horrific treatment of those he identified with as his people - Why? God placed in Moses a heart and mind more sensitive than the others. For instance, Moses had a heart for his people. Explain. From birth, God has placed within us a heart capable of being sensitive to His Influence.

The truth is the doctrine and results Moses witnessed and experienced drew him to his people instead of away from them. Why? God was strategically repositioning Moses to initiate His purpose for creating Moses. For instance, Moses was inspired to take advantage of an opportunity to learn his heritage and defend his people. Explain. From the new position, God revealed the results of the System's harsh treatment of his people, triggering Moses' to declare the doctrine of the Egyptians as misguiding. Exposed to another side of the story Moses, like many today, desired to know his history and the truth about himself.

"Exposed to half the truth is not healthy ~ nor dismissing the reality that proves all are wrong!"

Moses learned that his people were no different than the Egyptians. They were violent and harmed each other like the slave masters (Enforcers of the System). Full of frustration and confusion, he himself expressed his anger in violence. When Moses witnessed an Egyptian abusing one of his people, he was overcome with anger and murdered the oppressor. Moses had become the very one he resented. Moses, at this stage of his life, was declared unfit to experience the Glory of God as God intended to reveal.

The maturing of God’s chosen made worthy

Please, don’t get lost in the story of Moses! The testimony of Moses is to prove to you and me that God is more than able to use us for His Glory. However, it takes time for us, like Moses, to become worthy to have an intimate relationship with God. A choice like Moses we must make. [Those whose hearts and minds are sensitive to God's influence]

Moses ran from the place where God’s purpose for creating resided. Take a moment and consider your path and location now! Have you run away from the place God purposely placed you? If so, like Moses, you have proven to be immature and not ready for the Glory of God to be revealed. Let that sink in for a minute...

“A boy is an immature male lacking judgment.”

Had Moses known God on a more intimate level in Egypt, perhaps he would not have had to go through 40 years of maturing. No, think about it! We are strategically placed in the families and ethnic groups to be the difference that liberates them from being enslaved to a System robbing them of time, energy, and peace. Instead, we get angry and make foolish decisions to run from the mission we were created to fulfill.

Moses became worthy for God to reveal His Glory:

  1. By facing his fears and reconciling with God’s Plan for his life.

  2. By returning and liberating his people from the ______ -System.

  3. By fulfilling his life’s purpose given by his Creator.

God has proven through history that He declares those willing to learn His ways, inspired to receive His name, and obey His instructions are worthy to be present when He reveals His Glory.

God is awesome. No, I didn’t forget…those with a heart and mind renewed explicitly by God will choose to be influenced by God over Satan.


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~Your brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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