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Transparency 101: (Correcting the errors!)

Transparency 101: (Correcting the errors!)

Key points to consider:

· False Doctrine [Deception]

· Misrepresentation [Seduction]

· Misappropriation of Blessings [Thief]

Played on our desires:

The deception came by way of the miseducation on how to achieve desires you are unauthorized to fulfill. For instance, the serpent taught Eve and Adam that their desire to eat “of the forbidden trees” was their right.

The hook was in educating them that the fruit was appealing to the eyes and would grant them benefits that would make them as wise as God- Himself. Hmmm.

What would that look like today?

Played on our conscience:

The seduction came by way of the misrepresentation of God’s intentions and warnings. For example, the serpent presented God’s intentions and warnings as false and contradictory.

The lure was in the serpent removing the fear of consequences and justifying the act by focusing only on the pleasures that would follow disobeying God. The no-risk guarantee phrase!

How many people have talked themselves into selling their souls to enjoy the pleasures of life?

Played on our ignorance and self-centeredness:

The thief takes by way of our ignorance and narcissism. For instance, the serpent "simply" suggested that Eve and Adam do what they believe is right for them apart from God. Little did Adam and Eve know that their decision to listen to the serpent would rob them of paradise and a good relationship with God, their Creator.

The numbers of people converting to Christianity are overshadowed by the media’s focus on presenting immaterial facts.

The point is the majority is not always right, and the minority is not always wrong!

My purpose for writing this blog post is not to say who is right or wrong. But, to prove we are responsible for our decisions and ignorance is not an excuse when the testimony is written for all to read. We must not allow each other to be played by the serpent who only wants us to surrender our position with God to take our stuff.

~Your Brother in Christ

Those who belong to Jesus know His voice. The correction is seen in our work, results, and impact on others. We do not have to live in error anymore! Making the adjustments to believe, value, and trust the Word of God gives your haters only your past to accuse you of! Peace.


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