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Transparency 101: (Justified being Stubborn or Validated for being Rebellious?)

Holy Week dedication

Your position is against who? Your decision and actions are against who?

· Justified Stubborn: Cannot be reasoned with because of perception and beliefs.

· Validated Rebellion: Cannot be united or reconciled because you disagree with the authoritative figure.

Not who you thought:

The individual or group you thought you were going against…isn’t. During the Holy Week, many were face with a decision will they believe, trust, and obey Jesus? Anyone that is changed by believing, trusting, and obeying the testimony of Jesus will meet the same thing as He did. That parent, child, man, or woman that you thought worthy of your hostility and disdain has been redeemed, and now Jesus is the authoritative figure in their life. Your perceptions and disagreement with them is now against...

The Power and Authority of Jesus:

Jesus changed their lives from being evil and wicked. You have experienced their change but are determined to remember their wrongs. You are against the one who changed them.

Jesus has placed them on a different path where they suffer for His name's sake. You have witnessed their struggles and humbling events but are determined to convince yourself they deserve far worst. You are disrespecting the one who redeemed them. Unapologetic for being redeemed and restored by Jesus, my Lord, and Savior. His sacrifice and blood shall be honored by those forgiven.

Brotherly love:

Be careful about the position and actions you take because you could find yourself going against God the Creator and Judge of all. Don't let your stubbornness and rebellious attitude make you an enemy of God!

What would Judas say to us today about Jesus?

Offenses can cause everyday people to ignore reason and refuse to be united or reconciled per God's plan and Will. Choose the path that Paul took and use the time allotted to acknowledge and act on God's Grace and Mercy. Surrender to the Jesus. Not all relationships are worthy of being mended, but the ones that should be, restore them while you still have time.

Relationships worthy of being reconciled come after all parties are restored with God through Jesus the Christ. Their meaning and expression of love have been changed to reflect His. Peace. Know and feel the difference.

~Your Brother in Christ

Woe to whoever refuses to acknowledge and change their decisions and actions against Jesus and His redeemed, believing they are Justified and Validated to discount His work and person.


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