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Why are there so many Christian Denominations?

People added their preferences and interpretations—replacing Jesus with wolves in sheep clothing.

Individuals want control

When assemblies are influenced to replace Jesus as "Head," someone else steps in and takes the position. Unfortunately, the assembly (regardless of where they meet) will take on the spirit of leadership. Jesus is the oil, and the hired minister is the watered-down version of Jesus.

Jesus did not come looking for people to bow down to Him control over people's lives and resources. Jesus came to give Himself and lay down His life to reconcile creation to the Creator God. In 1 Corinthians chapter three, the scripture tells us that the divisions were caused by "Carnal Minded" people.

~A carnal mind is a mindset that's governed by pleasing self and not God. The carnal mind is hostile towards God because it competes for dominance over our actions, beliefs, words, and life.

When individuals could not control the assemblies, they created their own.

These new assemblies (denominations) were created to the specifications of its founder and not Jesus. They only used the name of Jesus to attract people to their place of meeting. The wording is harsh but necessary to reach the conscience of some readers. For example, some people believe that there is no problem with claiming one denomination is more authentic than another. This was the same argument presented in the Apostle Paul's day (1 Corinthians 3). The problem with claiming a denomination is it rejects Jesus as the Founder and Author of our Faith. The founder of your "denomination" becomes the author of your faith.

According to John, these individuals never belonged (1 John 2). They departed to create their own "Gospel" because they never truly surrendered to Jesus as the Anointed Lamb of God. Not all leaders in the Church follow these evil practices of claiming they are anointed by God when they are not. For instance, these leaders are not saying that Jesus is head of their Church while taking delight in robbing Him of being the only author and finisher of our faith and the glory. Hmmm.

The body of Christ Jesus is one and not divided. Christ's body does have many members, but the same body. We may have different functions, but One Authority governs all - His name is Jesus. Notice it is not the name of another person, thing, place, or event.

Read Ephesians 4 and reconnect with Jesus as the oil of anointing that will break the yokes from our necks and free us from the watered-down gospel taught in psychology 101.

The Church will be unified and made strong as we return to Jesus that His grace and mercy will cleanse us of our pride and lust for control.

Be encouraged. Be liberated in your mind and heart. Reconnect while God's breath is in your body.

A session with your Brother~Your brother in Christ 21

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