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Only God can fix this!

Self-care (Only God can fix this!)

The trauma has left you struggling with depression, anxiety, physical ailments, and relationship issues. You have tried everything to survive the torment…yet still the same thing. There is hope.

· Professionals

· Medications

· Support Groups

[Truth will hurt because it discredits our excuses.]

Why am I stuck in this nightmare? Why, after they are no more in my life, do I still struggle as if it just happened? Why did God allow this to happen to me and abandon me to live out my messed-up life?

Your questions are genuine and heartfelt. The answers to your questions can cause more pain than anything you can imagine. The professionals, medications, and support groups are not equipped to address the spiritual wounds you have received. The pain will not last forever. I salute you for pressing through the pain to receive freedom and growth.

Freedom from the Nightmare and the struggle with past trauma

This blog is under self-care because we are responsible for the choices and decisions we make. There is freedom from the nightmare when we decide to trust and use the word of God to win the battles within our minds.

The Bible teaches us that the weapons of our warfare are might through God to the pulling down of strongholds…cast down imagination…bring every thought into subjection unto God. (Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

Change what you allow yourself to think that is contrary to what God says. (Read Philippians 4) Change what you speak to yourself about the occurrence to the possibilities of your new life through Jesus. Change the company you keep that constantly reminds and reinforces your trapped position.

God has not abandoned you – He has delivered you.

The enemy of our souls is at war against who we are destined to become. He uses people and events to cause us to pull away from God that we may never fulfill our purpose. For instance, evil spirits and sin-nature are easily dismissed because they are not tangible to the human senses. However, they are manifested in the actions and occurrences that caused the trauma in your life.

God delivered you, and the scars are left as proof that they nor the event has defeated you. But, you must believe…this to be true. God said, “He will be with us in trouble.” God did not deliver you so that you live your life in torment. God delivered you that you may finish the course of your life. Be encouraged.

God has provided a path for your feet and His Holy Spirit to comfort and guide you. Make the decision today to trust God and overcome every thought and remembrance of what the enemy has done. Don’t give the enemy any attention! Don’t give the enemy any access into your new life! Your enemy will flee when it is discovered you will not quit or react as the enemy intended.

May God heal the scars that were left and render your memories of that day powerless over your life. In Jesus’ name. Amen

~Your Brother in Christ

Share this blog, and together as God provides, we will rise in victory. Your life is hidden in Jesus – our Ark of Safety.

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