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Why are you Trippin’ when things don’t go your way???

Your views and imaginations are the reasons for your hostility towards God.

This blog is not to convince you to believe in God. Instead, this Blog Post is to share my opinion as to why you are hostile toward God and anyone who does believe in God.

(No real format - just a discussion post)

I have noticed that when things don’t go my way, I am agitated and feel abandoned by God to fend for myself. Someone reading might have felt (or is feeling) the same way. Just a discussion!

The story of David has helped me tremendously in addressing these issues. David’s life story is very inspirational. It shows a young man placed in situations, circumstances, and conditions where he had to rely on God to survive and thrive.

The issues we tend to trip over are Lust, Pride, Ego, and Human Intelligence (Being Woke). David had issues with lust that got him into situations with God, but the choices and decisions David made, once he was confronted is key.

“Why do we start trippin’ when things don’t go our way???”

Our pride and ego are culprits for us trippin’ when things don’t go our way. David’s pride and ego were dealt with very strategically. For instance, God would allow things to not go in favor of the one He said was “after His heart.”

Pride leads before the fall.

Our pride and egos are expressed by our self-absorbed behavior and disrespectful conduct towards God and people. When the Prophet presented a case scenario for King David to preside over, David was quick to pass judgment on the incompassionate and murderous man. Unbeknownst to King David - he was the man!!!

Here is where King David’s story becomes a lesson for us not to trip!!!

King David did not defend himself. He instead REPENTED for his incompassionate and murderous lapse of reverence for God.

“Trippin’ because we are prideful and egotistical beings governed by human intelligence that defends our lapse of reverence for God.”

King David shows us how to exercise the Power and Authority that God has given each of us to overcome the distractions caused by our FLESH and Carnal Minds. Instead of getting offended to learn that he was the culprit - he Humbled himself - prayed to God for Forgiveness and Mercy - he Endured the punishment - he received for his decisions and actions.

Look at us today; we start trippin’ and cancel people for things we do ourselves. We defend our crazy and eliminate and separate from REALITY to live in the fantasy of being right - while everyone else is wrong and against us. Hmmmm. (Think about that for a moment)

The point is - make the choice and decision today - to humble yourself and REPENT for your lapse in reverence for God - If God’s Holy Spirit causes you to feel convicted.

To those not moved by God’s Holy Spirit to Repent (when you be the person) - the happenings in our lives are teachers that are not moved by our talk, jesters, or supporters. Consider how things are going and your feelings. What a discussion is not able to do ~ the Occasions will accomplish and achieve. Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your brother.”

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