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Self-care 101: (Stop answering to who you were!)

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Life is about the decisions we make and not the options alone. For instance, you are evaluated on your past to determine whether you are suitable for the opportunity (at hand). Within a relationship, there you are…your health, wealth, and relationships are governed by your ability to manage stress.

The Decision to be happy:

From a biblical viewpoint, we are one decision away from living a joyful and peaceful life. However, we tend to make bad decisions because we forget that Jesus has made us a New Creation with a New Identity. Our forgetfulness allows an invisible enemy (Satan) to present options that bring immediate relief to our stressful situations. You got it! We choose from the options presented and not what God promises. When we make the Decision to focus on the promises of God, we can discern that the options are “really distractions.”

Consider why you answer to who you were, and not who you are:

You are no longer that stressful and confused individual who consistently made bad decisions under the influence of options that are contrary to God’s promises. God promises to bless you by providing your every need and addressing your opposition (whether human or spiritual being).

Brotherly Love:

Make the decision – to trust that joy and peace are results of your connection with Jesus and produced by His Holy Spirit. Your relationships will change. Your health will change. Your Wealth will change. The options you pursue are causing you to answer to who you were and not who you are today. Instead, pursue the promises of God, so you only have to answer to who you are today. Wisdom:

  1. That relationship that is fading away because of who you were…let it go!

  2. The old lifestyle that compromised your health and wealth…let it go!

  3. The options that cause you to answer for who you were…let it go!

Decide to answer only to who you are in Christ Jesus and walk in the promises of God that joy and peace will be the fruit of your life. Self-care means deciding to see yourself as God sees and answer to God only. Unapologetic for God restoring your life with joy and peace!!! Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ

Share the blog post with others. In Christ, come out your brokenness, come out of false love, and experience life as God intended

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