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How to get Peace of Mind ~ The Peacemaker and Divider

Destroying the Obstacles and the Opposition to Harmony and Reconciliation with God.

We seldom think about Jesus’ statement of dividing us within our households. Someone said, "say it ain’t so!" Yes, Jesus explained that while people were expecting the Prince of Peace to bring peace, He brought a sword instead.

Some have already jumped to the conclusion instead of reading to understand…(as you gather yourself to continue).

The Conflict

Believe it or not, we are in conflict with the person in the mirror and not those who have harmed us. For instance, when they are not in your presence or life, yet your conscience condemns you, and your mind is tormented by the memories of abuse.

You have tried everything to remove the images from your mind to no avail. However, the peace of God instructs us to do the unthinkable…

”Forgive, Pray for, and Love”

You thought that was difficult? We must learn to FORGET! This is where the conflict is! We are taught by some to not forget and are given reasons (not to) that make sense. Nonetheless, when the time comes, do we want God to remember our wrongs done to Him? How will that go? God's voice...You cannot enter this rest because I remember the sins you committed against Me.

The Peacemaker

Peacemakers are called God’s Children. Why? Because they possess His Holy Spirit and are able to forgive, pray for, love, and forget the evil done to them.

The peacemaker is born from the Will of God and not their human parents. Therefore, they do not make peace as the world does. For instance, Jesus suffered at the hands of people He sought to reconcile back to God. Yet, He prayed that God would forgive them for their actions. Hmmm. (Pause and think about that!)

When you are able, read Hebrews 8 - again, this is why we have inner conflict that produces the fruits of the flesh recorded in Galatians 5. We need His Holy Spirit to conceive and birth righteous responses and initiatives worthy to be called His child.

“Are you the obstacle and opposition refusing reconciliation?”

The Divider

You are responsible for the choices you make, and the harsh reality of emotional issues and hostilities, needing no introduction, will manifest. For example, when they apologized, repented, and suffered for their wrongs, you rejoiced and were relieved at their pain. [The sword of the Lord was manifested.] Emotional Separation took place.

There are a few readings to assist us in understanding why the Lord would respond by bringing a sword to our house this way:

  • Ezekiel 18

  • Proverbs 24

  • 2 Peter 3

Do you remember the time Jesus told the disciples that whatever household (Matthew 10:13-15) did not receive them or their words to allow their peace to return and shake the dust off? Well, the same holds true today. When God causes people to change and inspires them to seek reconciliation, we should consider how God will respond to us on Judgment Day. Needless to say, they are told to part ways, and if you are the one who separates - they are instructed to shake the dust off. [Sever emotional ties]

This means their conscience will be clear and not affected as yours because they have already suffered for their wrongs, and you have caused them to suffer for doing right.

“Is this disturbing? Do you lack Peace of Mind?”

The Offer

As lonely as you might feel, you are not the only person who will be impacted by your inner conflicts. Innocent people are damaged by your inability to control your emotions, responses, and initiatives. Reality cares more for your soul than feelings. Jesus offers us His peace. For instance, to have a conscience purged of harmful memories, a heart mended from being broken, and a new mind able to resist the old memories by making new memories worthy of sharing with others.

After looking in the mirror, the decision is yours to make. Will you take Jesus’ offer, or will you refuse? When you accept His offer, the end result is a PEACE of mind and joyful new memories made. However, the real result comes much later, before God:

If you are the one who harmed others, REPENT due to your reverence for God. You must endure the suffering for His namesake. A Reward awaits you - not for your sin, but for your obedience through the fire.

If you are the one who was harmed by others, SURRENDER your Will to God; acknowledging, forgiving, praying for, loving, and forgetting the abuse and trauma is more than you can handle alone. A Reward awaits you - not for being foolish, but for being wise in following Jesus’ example.

The Peacemaker and Divider are one and the same - God’s Chosen in this case, fulfilling the desires of God’s Heart and worthy to be called the Children of God.

Not by might or power, but by His Spirit, God’s Vision of His Children living in Harmony and Reconciling with those who were lost.

If this has been a blessing to you, please like and share it with others. God Bless.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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