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Self-Care 101 (When Nightmares become Real)

What do you do?

When your purpose (Reason Why) is destroyed and proven useless, that constitutes a nightmare becoming real. For example, your vision for your life was and is not the moment you are living now.

Brutally Honest:

Your Reasons were wrong from the beginning. For instance, you wanted God to vindicate you more than you wanted to hear God’s plan for your life and relationships. Therefore, your decisions and actions are the cause of your undesirable results (called Nightmare). There is help…when you are ready!

There’s more…

You have diagnosed yourself and said it is their fault and not yours for your present condition. Because you are qualified to diagnose yourself, your remedies (self-medications) are making things worse. There is help...when you are ready!

Brotherly Love:

There will be pain! Pain for restraining yourself from doing wrong, or pain from the punishment for not restraining yourself. Either way, God has provided a way to endure the pain and overcome the nightmare – it is through Jesus. No one else would endure betrayal, rejection, and being canceled by those who say they love you and still lay down their life.

When you are ready –

Make the decision to change your reason for doing what you do. Do it to show your gratitude for what Jesus has done for you.

How many people have you cut off because of betrayal, abandonment, and ____? (We can’t fill in the blank because the nightmare is real, and the pain is felt.)

God restores visions when we surrender our thirst for vengeance to Him.

What you are doing to self-medicate your erroneous self-diagnoses – Stop! Destroy the nightmare while still in the dream state by the word of God. Harden not your heart at the Voice of God. Wake – up!! There is help when you are ready!


~Your Brother in Christ

Share this Blog post with others. All things are possible to them that believe. Nothing is impossible for God. Rise and take back all that Satan has bamboozled you out of!


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