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A lifeline for your Marriage and Relationship.

Marriage and Relationships

  • Am I wrong?

  • What should I do?

  • Why is this happening again?

These are questions we tend to have when something is off. Right?


Can we handle the truth? Will we justify ourselves and become offended because people answered with their beliefs or opinions?


The scriptures are filled with wisdom, understanding, and relevant knowledge for us to reference. We have access to people who have survived and are thriving in their marriages and relationships we can consult. [Will those individuals assist those asking the questions?]


Search the scriptures for models of God's declaration of a good relationship/ marriage and the roles each are to play in the marriage. Now compare your thoughts, actions, and you comply?

  • If you do, then you must consider your partner's soul. Now study the scriptures on how to intercede and respond to wives and husbands not complying with God's Word.

  • If you don't, then you must consider repenting. The bible is filled with instructions on correcting and adjusting our thinking, feelings, actions, and mouths. Stop focusing on your partner and focus on getting right yourself.

Why is this happening again?

We experience repetition because we change only the partner and not "our ways" of thinking, feeling, acting, and talking. In other words, you find yourself repeating because you blamed them when the problem was and is you.

When you are ready...humble yourself and go to God correct. Get the strategy for fighting for your marriage or relationship and do it God's way [instead of yours or the guru's]. Peace. May God strengthen you and have mercy on you and your marriage. Always victorious when the name of Jesus. Amen.

~Your Brother in Christ Reach one help relationship at a time.

Help me reach 1 million couples to give love a chance to heal the brokenhearted.

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