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Do you really understand…what God wants from you?

Stressing to figure out God’s reason for…

There are too many people stressing over things that cost 2 minutes and 2 seconds of their time. The time of a commercial break - you are ready to surrender your life and freedom.

What am I talking about?

We swear we know and understand when - in actuality - we are clueless about purpose, mission, and attitude [for now addressing purpose]. No one is created without a purpose. God has blessed us with Gifts (special abilities to do things well). Yet, for most of our developmental years, we are taught and restricted to activities, doctrines, and traditions that glorify people and not God.

Consider, for a moment, the times God has delivered you…

The Bible speaks on God desiring us to love, do good, and live at peace with one another. Hmmm. Wait a minute!

Knowing us, God first demonstrates His love and forgiveness - then instructs us to do the same. There’s more!

We are looking for blessings to prove God is real and stressing over the fact our situations, circumstances, and conditions are kicking the #### out of us. No, you can handle it!

God demonstrates His LOVE and FORGIVENESS so we would UNDERSTAND what He wants us to do in this situation and under these circumstances and conditions. You have destroyed relationships because of your anger and unforgiveness. Yet, you are crying to God, “you don’t understand why?” I am no better than you… It was God who caused me to remember His Grace and Mercy.

God’s Grace and Mercy. God spares our lives to show us the way to live in His presence.

Now that I have your attention, you were forgiven and spared not to take vengeance on those who harmed you. You were forgiven and spared to fulfill God’s purpose for creating and redefining you.

God has promised that when you overcome your anger, resentment, and unforgiveness, He will give you a NEW NAME that identifies your redefined self. Your Truth is the reason you are going through the situation now! You can’t perceive the Goodness of God because you are blinded by your truth. The square peg does not fit in the circled hole.

Stop stressing on figuring out God’s purpose for your life…Pray for God’s Counsel. He will cause you to be repositioned where the Gifts He has placed within you shall fulfill His Purpose for sparing your life. Stop leaning on your own understanding…Receive God’s word in your heart and believe He will… trust He will… value God’s Love and Mercy. Fear no more about dying without knowing your purpose in life.

Pray that God will cure and heal you of a broken heart and corrupt mind. God wants us all to live in the New Way that matches our New Name that He PROMISES to give those who reach the end of the road called VICTORY.

It is not until we decide to lay down the stones in our hands to serve our own justice; will we ever understand why God permits…

Be encouraged. The road ahead is difficult, but the truth is victory is at the end of the road. God causes room to be made for the Gift. Calm down and consider where the gift glorifies God and not you - that is the Place!!!

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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