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God’s Intervention interrupts to SAVE!

When pain, shame, loneliness, and discomfort saves a Soul.

Learn why God has permitted you to experience pain. His Divine Intervention interrupts our lives to save our Souls.

There was a time when humans were not knowledgeable of good and evil. For instance, Adam and Eve only knew God's instructions, inspiration, and being compliant. They lived in true harmony and authority in a Garden Paradise. It wasn’t until they exercised their freedom of choice to be non-compliant to know good and evil as God. In other words, they became interested in being god over their own lives. Hmmm. (Let that sink in!)

Many of us wonder or struggle with why didn’t God intervene and stopped the serpent from deceiving them to disobey His instructions. (Understood) I felt the same way for a long time. However, a few verses prior, we are told that God had given them dominion over_________(read Genesis 1:28). They failed to exercise their God-given dominion over the serpent because he spoke words they were interested in hearing. It didn't matter if it wasn't what God instructed. Hmmm. (You got it! Let that sink in!) Don't use this to justify your extreme interpretations that destroy people's faith in God's Grace and Mercy. There must be balance.

What reason does God choose to Intervene?

Listen, God gave us authority to exercise when faced with such opposition. The serpent incident was a perfect moment to do just that. The issue was neither of them exercised their authority over the serpent. Instead, they entertained the words spoken by the serpent. When Adam and Eve were overtaken by the Law of Consequence and Repercussion due to their violation - God had reason to INTERVENE.

God intervened because His created man and woman were bound by a LAW that was beyond their authority and power to correct on their own.

“Are you in a situation beyond your authority and power to escape by your merit?”

The Occurrence Permitted that caused much Pain

Consider the interruptions in your life. For example, the out-of-character moment you witnessed, experienced, or did, in response to something not warranting your reaction. It is true, the sudden reaction has cost you your relationship, job, and freedom.

Remember, God has already given us the authority and power to resist the opposition (following God’s Instructions and Inspiration). The problem is when we choose to entertain the thought of being non-compliant - we find ourselves in violation and intoxicated with the residue of Satan's disobedience. That’s Right, considered toxic and uncovered of His Righteousness (clothed in shame and vulnerable to criticism by the world)! The result of our intoxication with evil and wickedness triggers the Law of Consequence and Repercussion. No cap! They bring the PAIN like no other!!! Unfortunately, we tend to be drawn to the very thing that triggers the painful Law to be executed against our Souls.

“From the place of PAIN, we demand God to explain WHY He permits this to OCCUR!”

The Adjustment that SAVEs our Souls came from…

Not many of us choose to remember the times God has delivered us from the Law of Consequence and Repercussion.

“How would our lives have ended had God not Intervened and interrupted our ways of living and reasoning?”

The Bible testifies of the Lake of Fire being the end for those who are non-compliant with the Instructions and Inspiration of God. Now think about it! Would you allow someone in your home or personal space that openly disrespects you and your boundaries?

I am not talking about the addictions that control our ability to reason and live correctly. Our present situation outlines this - no comment needed because it is obvious to all. There are five people you should consider reading about to learn what and how to make the adjustments.

  1. Paul

  2. Gideon

  3. Esther

  4. Mary (mother of Jesus)

  5. Peter

They all experienced painful times, yet they made adjustments crucial to their ability to know God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. None of them were able to accomplish the transformation without God’s divine intervention and inspiration. They all were saved from the Law of Consequence and Repercussion to become testimonies of God’s Love and Character.

“Stop being so intoxicated with your testimony, when it is God’s Testimony that saves souls!!!”

Our situation can be turned in our favor when we seek the help of God. The pain we are feeling is part of the process of purging us of the evil and wickedness within our hearts, minds, and souls. Stay the course! Deliverance is not pretty. The evil times we live in today does not negate our authority and power to live and reason as God Instructs and Inspires through His Word and Spirit. Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”

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