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Lean not on your own UNDERSTANDING

Addressing the problems and issues in life and relationships.

You never saw that coming!! Had you seen it, you would have prepared for the impact. I get so tired of the cliche “LIFE HAPPENS!!!” what? Life is not by chance or mistake. God is All-Knowing. Things are Predetermined, Preordained, and Predestined. The problem is we are trying to walk in God's Shoes!! Causing us to experience the consequences and repercussions of what happens when areas of our lives do not align with the plan of the Creator.

The areas of our lives that are touched most are our Hearts, Minds, and Emotions. Let me explain!

The Heart:

The Bible testifies that men’s hearts will wax cold because of the terrible occurrences, happenings, and events to take place in the END TIMES. When we choose to reason with a callous and offended heart, we can only get out of it what is in it. The Bible also mentions how many will become offended and turn against each other, causing wars to break out. [Violence, Disease, and Destruction]

The Callous Heart~

Consider the times you have convinced yourself to treat others how they treat you. Believe it or not, this is how it spreads globally. Look around you do you see the insensitivity of others? I am guilty of this too. Until a painful occurrence comes to your heart, you are justified in your own heart. It takes pain and suffering to soften the CALLOUS HEART. [Incompassionate, Insensitive, and Beastly]

The Offended Heart~

Consider the results of your efforts in your relationships. Do you feel unappreciated and disrespected? How do you respond? Based on your understanding, is it ever really your fault or someone else's? You see, offended people are the most vengeful and vindictive people who destroy relationships. Until you suffer events in your life where there is no one to blame but yourself. It takes people to abandon and turn you over to yourself to calm the OFFENDED HEART.

[Manipulative, Hateful, and Emotional]

The Understanding Heart~

Consider God’s Word in Proverbs 3:5-9. We all have some work to do to reach the point of having an understanding heart. This heart stands out best when and where things are consistently coming against us and our progress in life and relationships. Until you have made the decision to abandon your way of reasoning through life's challenges and comply with God's ways taught by Jesus - this is only a dream. Those who have reached this point in life are those who have experienced being the CALLOUS and OFFENDED HEARTS.

[Loving, Peacemakers, and Faithful]

God’s Love

It is God’s Love as a Father that addresses our callous and offended hearts with the firmness that filters, sifts, and purges us of the malice growing within.

It is God’s Predetermined Standards that will test the hearts of people. Therefore, the persons who correct their ways of reasoning to align with God’s standard of reasoning - with a loving heart ready to be compassionate for people created in His image. (They are leaning on God’s Understanding).

It is God’s Preordained Results that will expose the hearts of people. Therefore, the people who take ownership for their inappropriate behaviors and emotional dysfunctions in response to being wronged by others - with forgiving hearts ready to forgive people because they remember when God forgave them for offending Him. (They are leaning on God’s Understanding)

It is God’s Predestined Child that will be revealed when the fruits of the Spirit are produced during the times of darkness and evil. You cannot tell they are God’s Children because they are not surrounded by many people, nor are they well-liked by others. Instead, these people are filled with God’s Holy Spirit and approved by God as Jesus was - Why??

“They are leaning on God’s Understanding, by acknowledging God in all their ways. They reverence God to the point they repent of their callous and offended hearts. They prove to be God’s Children by Honoring Him with the opportunities God provides.”

Next week I will address the Mind. Be encouraged. Use this moment right now to address your callous and offended heart to show yourself a Child of God. God’s Children are not born by the Will of man - but by the Will of God. Peace

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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