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Transparency 101: (Palm Sunday Dedication - Not all are rejoicing)

Transparency 101: (Palm Sunday dedication – Not all are rejoicing)

They were laying palms and clothing at the feet of Jesus, singing, and rejoicing. Not everyone! No. don’t say His enemies. His chosen disciples were not rejoicing.


Jesus was transparent with the disciples before going to Jerusalem. He revealed to them that in Jerusalem, He would suffer and die at the hands of those who say they know God. [Emphasis are mine – Read the Gospels for better understanding] Only those who Jesus was not transparent with Rejoiced at His entrance.


The people laid the palms and clothing while the disciples laid tears. Today, we rejoice because we are looking at what comes after – His Resurrection – meaning our Salvation and Reconciliation back to God. Rightfully so!!

Brotherly Love:

Those of you who have lost loved ones recently, relationships have been torn apart or mixed with emotions about how things are going in your life.

Your tears and sorrow will turn to joy, relationships worthy of reconciliation will be reconciled, and the things troubling you will be turned in your favor because of what Jesus endured and overcame for us.

This Holy week goes through stages of triumph, betrayal, sufferings, death and ends in glory. Day One – don’t be moved by your cheerleaders or haters! Stay focus on the promises of God and remember what Jesus has done for you that you will not destroy or remain separated from those God ordained for your life.

Innocent people suffer before foolish people (thinking they are doing God’s service) get a clue. Be careful – you may be the foolish person.

~Your Brother in Christ

Lord God, mark those who belong to You with Your seal of approval. I pray the reader of this Blog Post will take the time and remember what Jesus did for us.


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