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Stop telling me what God wants, and teach me HOW to give Him what He Desires!!!

My last post hit some the wrong way because they have been over-saturated with sermons that speak on what they should do or should be doing.

“I have heard too many sermons that go blah blah blah…., about what I am doing wrong and what I should be doing, Please!”

This post is for you - However, the raw truth doesn’t feel any different than what you already feel (at the moment). For instance, the HOW is foolishness to those whose hearts and minds are corrupted by this World and whose consciences are injured by memories and false doctrines.

How to give God what He Desires.

The Bible teaches us that God is the Supreme Creator and Giver of life and purpose. God also is a provider and protector of those who LOVE Him. God is identified by the word LOVE. Yet, we have been convinced by others to believe LOVE is weak and useless.

This is not how we give God what He wants, by identifying Him as weak and useless, but want His blessings, forgiveness, and rewards of Eternal Life with Him.

Number One:

Conquer your FAME: Feelings, Attitude, Moods, and Emotions toward God and His Works.

Cast down the anger and bitterness in your heart and mind towards those you have aught against. Forgive and have Mercy on those who have done you wrong. Unit and Reconcile out of love with those who are Repentant. In other words, those who have produced fruits meet for Repentance. You are empowered and authorized by God’s Holy Spirit - who has caused you to be convicted of the many times God has shown you LOVE and MERCY. Follow your Heavenly Father’s works of Love and Mercy manifested through Jesus - this is HOW!!!

Number Two:

Surrender your control to God. Give others the respect, love, and mercy you want for yourself in whatever situation, circumstance, and condition. Stop "giving yourself" permission to be unloving and unmerciful. Again, you are empowered and authorized by God’s Holy Spirit - who causes you to remember the Grace and Favor He has shown you when you KNOW you were undeserving. Do the same as your Heavenly Father has done for you through Jesus - to those undeserving. [This is How!!!]

When you cannot live at peace with them - then separate yourself from them, but pray for God to address their heart, mind, and conscience so that they too may be saved from their own wickedness and evil.

Number Three:

Study the Scriptures and extract the principles that are taught and begin to apply them to your life, work, and relationships. This is accomplished and achieved when and where you are able to encourage yourself of God’s Love and Promise to make His abode in you. You know it!! You are empowered and authorized to represent God on earth and prove that His Love is not weak nor useless. Become the Peacemaker and Just Steward of Joy in the Lord - restore HOPE in LOVE AND MERCY. [This is How!!!]

You are Forgiven of your sins. Go forth and sin no more. God forgives those who forgive. God wants to live with you, but the sin of unforgiveness and our unrepentant hearts - prevent God from receiving what He wants from us.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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