Cut the Tree Down but Leave the Stump

There is coming a time where people sitting in high places of affluence, position, power, platforms, and authority will be removed because of the pride and arrogance of their hearts towards God.

God intervenes:

Nebuchadnezzar was such a man in the book of Daniel. The Lord gave him a dream, Daniel interpreted the dream and was issued the warning to humble himself and honor the God of heaven who is creator and God of all creation (Daniel 4:4-37). But he didn’t take heed. Later, while looking over his kingdom, Nebuchadnezzar remarked how glorious his kingdom was and how his “own” hand acquired great prominence.

The consequence for pride and arrogance:

While he was yet speaking, the angel of the Lord said from heaven, telling him that he would be driven away to the wilderness, go crazy and that God’s hand would be upon him for seven years until he humbled himself gave honor to God alone.

The reward for repentance:

Afterward, he would be restored to his high position of authority (vs. 14-17).

Truth for the Body of Christ:

Sadly, this lack of humility and arrogant behavior is going to be a reality check for many in the body of Christ. For instance, those living from a place of pride and arrogance feel they can do anything they want without any correction or rebuke and who do not acknowledge God from their hearts.

God’s discipline may sound harsh but isn’t he merciful because he could’ve just killed Nebuchadnezzar. He could’ve removed him as king without restoring him. He could’ve left him in that oppressed state and let him live out the rest of his days as an animal, but he didn’t. Ain’t God good!

I pray that the people of God endure the chastening of the Lord because only then can they be proven to be true sons of God. Humble yourselves. Examine yourselves whether you are really walking and living in the faith of Christ righteously. What’s in your belly? When we humble ourselves, we are not accounted with the world, and through repentance, we are afforded a new beginning.

“Lastly, notice that Nebuchadnezzar, at the beginning of his narrative, talked about his gods.” Pride goes before destruction and a haughty (arrogant) spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18). God is trying to bless, not harm you. Just like he left the stump so it could regrow bearing good fruit, he’s doing the same today by providing new beginnings through chastening.

Examine yourselves through humility and truth. Make the necessary changes through repentance and let the Lord clean you up, for he is kind, and his mercy endures forever.

~Faith Walker

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