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Dealing with LOW-Self Esteem

I am more than this!!!

Stop watching life pass you by!

It is easy to find fault in your life and blame your parents, teachers, and past relationships for your situation. But, doing that only places you alone and watching others live life. Low self-esteem results from comparing yourself with others and using them as the standard to view yourself. (That's my definition!)

#1 - The wrong measuring ruler

The issue is we are using our viewpoint and not God the Creator's viewpoint about us or our situation. For example, looking in a mirror, you see your reflection, which gives you a standard by which you measure yourself to compare and judge anyone that comes in view. For instance, another person comes within sight, and instantly you compare yourself with that person. The problem with this approach is God has created you differently for a purpose. We must understand even our situations and circumstances are unique because of how we perceive them. We, by human nature, compare to assess our worth and progress in the world we live. In addition, we tend to measure the wrong thing about ourselves. For example, when God measures us, He bases it on our capacity to fulfill His purpose for creating us. We will never measure up when we seek to use the wrong ruler and attributes to measure.

Using the wrong ruler, we will always receive an inaccurate measurement.

(Our unique capacity to fulfill our God-given purpose vs. our desire to be like someone else not equipped to fulfill our divine purpose)

#2 - The wrong voice of influence

Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish I were them?" I am not one to throw shade on parents, teachers, and past relationships because, ultimately, the decision is ours to make. Nonetheless, their words are fresh in our memory banks that either affirmed or destroyed our self-worth. For instance, my great-aunt would say I made the suit look good. Aunt Annie's words of affirmation caused me to esteem myself as valuable and looking good. It carried over to me not selecting clothes to impress people. The words of affirmation are crucial in addressing wrong reasoning and decisions. When someone only tears you down for not measuring up, you would see it manifested in self-destructive behaviors and bad choices that cause you to self-sabotage good relationships. For example, when you see someone else's possessions or how they are treated, you tear down yourself and others to become or impress them. God said after creating creation, "it is good" (my belief). Again, who you are and what you are to do here in life is unique, and no one else has what you have to achieve or fulfill. God's scriptures and Holy Spirit bear witness by affirming us and our purpose on earth. Whose voice will you heed, the people in your past or the Creator who knows your future end on earth?

Only your Creator's voice should matter; no one else knows the end.

(God affirms His chosen vessels and instruments who they are and that they will accomplish the purpose He has planned for them. Do not give no other voice the power to manipulate your inner ears that governs your perception about yourself.)

Yes, you are more than are unique with a purpose to fulfill.

God Bless.

~Your Brother in Christ 21 (A Session with your Brother)


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