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The Trial of Jesus - What you can learn from Jesus’ responses.

Some believe Jesus’ Trial started when He was taken to the leaders of Judaism, but Jesus’ Trial actually started in the Wilderness.

God’s Chosen is always on Trial.

What do I mean by that???

After Jesus was marked as God’s Chosen, men did not put Him on Trial; it was Satan who Tried Jesus in the Wilderness. The objective was to cause an occasion for Jesus to condemn and disqualify Himself by responding ill-advised.

When you are being Tried, consider the objective of the one conducting the trial.

Jesus was aware of Satan’s objective and responded with God’s Written Word and Understanding the Heart of God’s Words Written.

The things we should consider when responding to Trials in our lives:

What does God’s Word say about the Subject Matter?

What is God’s Desire as it pertains to the Subject Matter?

We can find the answers by studying the scriptures and yielding to the Holy Spirit (who knows the Heart of God). The first answer is acquired by deciding to read and observe the details in correlation with the process of producing the end result. However, the second answer requires you to receive God’s Holy Spirit in your life and yield to His teachings and counsel.

The "How" is in your surrender and God’s Grace and Mercy.

What I mean by that is, unless God chooses to reveal Himself, your prayers, dedicated works, and contributions to the community will not help you during the Trial.

Jesus overcame the Trial in the Wilderness by Exhausting Satan and Exercising His Authority.

However, when the time came for Jesus to be offered, Jesus responded differently. For instance, Jesus used very few words (if any), depending on who was interrogating Him.

Here is what is interesting…

Jesus was arrested and taken to the Religious Kangaroo Court that had no evidence that condemned Him to death - so they fabricated. Notice, However, Jesus did not Exercise His Power and Authority to escape this Trial Proceeding. Jesus was aware that this was His Mission to Accomplish to bring Reconciliation and make all things New.

Jesus’ response was predicated on His awareness of God’s Objective and Purpose for His life. Jesus was to express LOVE that God declares is LOVE.

The World loves, but believes fear is more powerful. Fear will cause a person to betray you. Fear will cause a person to make ill-advised decisions. Love will cause a person to remain loyal to you. Love will cause a person to make wise decisions. This is not a debate about fear and love!

Nonetheless, Jesus’ reason for choosing not to exercise His power and authority during these Trials for his Physical Life was attributed to His LOVE Mission given by His Father. God’s ultimate objective is to reconcile creation proven worthy to Himself.

I purposely said, “creation proven worthy.” Remember when God selected the souls to be saved during Noah’s day? That is the shadow from the light in front of us now!

We are to follow the example and demonstration of Jesus - as believers who were Redeemed by the Sacrifice Jesus made on Calvary. Brothers and sisters, we are on a LOVE mission. God desires to LIVE among His Creation. Only those proven worthy will be selected!

When Tried about your Faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit - do not exercise your power and authority to escape the moment and place. Instead, remain silent before the puppet kings and queens of this World who wish to make entertainment of you. Remain steadfast in your innocence and loyalty unto God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Through your Calmness and Bold stance, be the living witness that God is worth the Pain, Humiliation, and Death.

Jesus did not appease the Courts of this World for temporary relief from Pain, Shame, and Horrific Death. Jesus has taught us that in Him (the Resurrection), we have Eternal Freedom from Pain, Humiliation, and Death.

The Betrayer is always close to you.

The Accuser is always building charges against you.

The Courts of this world are always decided against you.

God, the Supreme Ruler, has seen this and is with you during the whole process to keep you from responding ill-advised and proven unworthy to be with Him in Glory. Don’t give up! Don’t give in to the tactics of Satan! Don’t exercise your power and authority to entertain puppet masters!

Be calm, silent, and bold to stand on your Faith, In Jesus’ name.

Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”


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