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Does God approve (of you and your work)?

The struggle to know who we are and why we are here is wrapped up in God’s Approval of us!!!

We are all born to die someday. Crude but true. It is the period of time in-between birth and death that has many of us struggling. The question we all have at one time or the other~

“Who am I? Why am I here? What am I here to do, and with whom am I to do this with?”

These questions are common among people realizing that there must be more to life than what they are experiencing now. Are you that someone?

Created to BE, DO, and FULFILL

God is the Creator. He created us for a purpose He deemed worthy for us to address. The question will seek to answer, “Does God approve of us and our work?”

In the Prophetic Book of Jeremiah, God tells Jeremiah that before he was formed in the womb, he was known and selected to be, do, and fulfill God’s Plan for his life. [Jeremiah 1:4-10]

But, does God say the same about you and me?

We did not “Create” ourselves in the womb of our mothers. Only the Creator can do this…

Our parents did not “Separate and Appoint” us out of a million eggs to be born into the world. Only the Creator can do this…

In the Apostolic Letter to those in Rome, Paul states that all created beings are given gifts/ talents (things they do well - without being taught). However, those who possess these gifts/talents were to use them as God Ordained to Fulfill His Purpose. [Romans 12:1-9]

Are you using your gifts/talents for God or self?


We are created by God and given gifts/talents. We do not need to become other people to be great or approved. We are expected to simply must “BE” the person God Foresaw. The Creator is the only one worthy and capable of molding us into being His Predestined Children.

“Who I am or will become is not your call or mine!”

David never thought he would be King. Esther never thought she would be Queen. Paul never thought he would be an Apostle for Jesus. Mary Magdalene never thought she would be instrumental in the New Way Movement for others to encounter Jesus.

Use this moment and place you are in, to consider the gifts/talents you possess and your interests that indicate who God has ordained you to be… Who we are is proven by what we do ~

Called to Be God’s Instrument to Liberate and Light the way back to Him all who were bound in darkness!!!

To be continued…

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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