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God’s Children are Peacemakers

They have a Gift and are Victorious in their Endeavors for Peace.

The world is experiencing great turmoil at the moment. Why is that? Instead of seeking to learn the why - we seek the how to be free. This is where we will intentionally address both the why and how!!!

God’s Predestined Children have Gifts to address tormented people and chaotic environments.

I noticed while studying David and Gideon they both were gifted. You might recall David was gifted in music, and Gideon was gifted in resilience.


David’s home was toxic, and he was overlooked and sent to do tasks the others did not want to do. David lived during a time when men would rather be ruled by men than God. However, David was inspired to see the opportunity to BOND with God instead of complaining about how he was being treated. David’s gift of music to calm his sheep and himself within an environment full of Lions, Bears, and Wolves was developed.

David took the initiative to confront the cause and remove the reproach by adhering to the inward inspiration - Caused by God’s Holy Spirit. This resulted in God being Delighted with David.

Before David became King, he was summoned to King Saul to confront the demons who robbed him of PEACE.

David was experienced in confronting powerful beasts who threatened to kill, steal, and destroy the sheep of his flock. It was here that David’s BOND with God grew deeper. God caused David to DOMINATE and be VICTORIOUS over the Beasts to eliminate their power to be a threat to his sheep and himself.

David took the initiative to confront the cause and eliminate the opposing power by adhering to the inward inspiration - Caused by God’s Holy Spirit. This proved to confirm his relationship with God.

Before David became King, he was sent to eliminate a beast that was threatening God’s people with death, enslavement, and destruction of all that they believed.

Perilous times filled with powerful and authoritative opponents is the perfect platform for God’s Predestined Children to fulfill their purpose.


Gideon, on the other hand, was gifted with resilience. However, he was limited by his inner conversations as to why his people were being tortured, and God did nothing. Notice Gideon was more concerned with how to survive and live free under the rule of Wicked Beasts.

Unfortunately, many of us believe the same thing. This is manipulation by the Deceiver of our Souls (((Satan))), who uses False Realities, False Securities, and False Expectations to convince us that temporary freedom is worth us disregarding God.

Gideon was living during a time God was Chastising the Children of Israel for their Stubbornness, Rebellious ways, and Disobedience. Inspired to survive by civil disobedience (peaceful and non-confrontational) was not the way to freedom and peace. However, it caught God’s attention because here is a man willing to make time to provide for his family. Yes, Gideon did his work in the dark of night!

Gideon was approached by God’s Messenger and given the revelation of why his people were not being assisted by God against their opponents. Gideon was instructed to remove the reproach that caused the need for Chastisement.

Before Gideon became Judge, he was instructed to destroy the False god (idol) - he and his family worshipped, believed, and expected to rescue them from their tormentors. [Remove the Reproach]

Because Gideon’s gift of resilience was recognized by God, Gideon was called a Mighty Man of Valor. Yet it wasn’t until God caused Gideon’s actions to be victorious did Gideon grow in his relationship with God.

Gideon was victorious in the court battle over him destroying the False god (idol), and later his great victory over the Military Power and Authority of his enemies with so few men. The victories confirmed his BOND with God, and Freedom and Peace were the results.

Before Gideon became Judge, he was sent to confront and dominate the enemy - stripping the enemy of power and authority over his people.

The point of this Blog Post is to awaken the Children of God to use their God-given gifts to confront the cause and remove the reproach, power, and authority of the enemy by adhering to God’s Holy Spirit.

We are living in Perilous times where Beasts are rising in power and authority!! Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children (Sons) of God.

Thank you for making the time to read the post, and I pray that you will be inspired to share and use your platform to honor God with your gift and be victorious in your endeavors to liberate and make peace.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your brother.”

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