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How to make better Life-Choices

We are responsible for making the change!

The objective is to share ways of recognizing whether our current choices are correct, sufficient, and capable of fulfilling our life’s purpose.

We will concentrate on the results, outcome, and impact our choices produce.

Did you make the correct or incorrect choice?

The truth is, without experiencing or witnessing the aftermath of our choices, we only have our opinions. However, we have Scriptures filled with testimonials of those before us that were approved or disapproved to teach us. We have those available in our lives to testify what is correct and incorrect from experience.

For those who do not have people around them that they can seek wisdom or a bible to reference, here is a way to learn.

Consider the conditions and issues.

  • When our choices are correct - we are rewarded with a clear and good conscience towards God—causing an awareness of being in Right Standing with God.

  • When our choices are incorrect - (the consequence), our conscience is not clear and becomes hostile towards God. Producing an awareness of not being in Right Standing with God

Observe the testimonies that prove what is correct and compare your choice

When we acknowledge where we are incorrect and make the appropriate corrections, our choices will be REWARDED with a NEW STATUS OF RIGHT-STANDING!!!

Is the choice sufficient or insufficient to fulfill the objective?

There are times and places we are faced with multiple options. For instance, having two options to choose from and both seem good. However, according to the scriptures, there is a way that seems right but ends in DEATH! (Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25)

I am your brother sharing information. It would seem that waiting to be transitioned to learn whether our choice is sufficient is not recommended. Therefore, let us build our faith on the Word of God that we commit our plans and ways unto God that He will prosper our way.

Consider the conditions and issues.

  • When our choice is sufficient, God causes it to grow in abundance to be shared with others.

  • When our choice is insufficient, God allows even what is gained to not be enough for self, let alone others!

Observe what you have leftover to share; this will prove we must improve our walk with God by FAITH.

When we accept that God is the deciding factor as to whether our choice is sufficient to be REWARDED with ABUNDANCE!!!

Why do your choices fail to produce the desired results and impact?

People (who are) tired of falling short of obtaining their goals will benefit from this section. For example, you made the corrections and improvements, but there is no fulfillment. It is here that people faint or become weary of doing good.

Don’t Quit!! Don’t Stop! Don’t Complain!

The winner is not always guaranteed to the swift, strong, wise, experienced, and skilled individuals. (Ecclesiastes 9:11) God’s Grace and Mercy is the difference maker! The scriptures inform us that God creates and governs the seasons for things to be sown, cultivated, increased, and reaped. This is not in our power! However, the fruit will grow when we are attached to the vine in due season.

Consider the conditions and issues.

  • When you choose to adjust your connections with the Lord in the appropriate season, the FRUIT will bless you and others. Your life will be an inspiration and guiding light that points others to God.

  • When you choose not to adjust, you are disconnected from the Lord, and the seasons just pass by without FRUIT. You have become a curse to yourself and others.

Observe whether your presence is a blessing or a curse. This will prove whether your choice to be joined with God is a failure or a success.

When we are attached to Jesus (the vine), we are REWARDED with producing the DESIRED FRUIT in its SEASON!!!

Be encouraged. Be great. Be persistent.


~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”


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