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How to Triumph over every Situation caused by opposing spirits influencing people

Trusting, Believing, and Achieving the impossible by the Word of God ~ Jesus is His name.

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room. We are created and designed by God to fulfill His reason for selecting us from a million-to-one odds.

The truth is you were created to be victorious.

1. To win - Overcome the opponent and opposition, proving you will not be stopped from fulfilling your life’s mission.

2. To triumph - Succeed in rendering your opponent and opposition powerless and ineffective to prevent you from achieving your life’s purpose.

3. To prosper - Thrive under opposing conditions and depriving environments to fulfill your life’s objective.

Notice in the Bible, we are told how individuals and nations won against all odds when the Spirit of God came upon them.

Not man's intellect (Mind) but God's Spirit.

Every problem has a solution. The strength of Samson and the wisdom of Solomon could not match the Spirit of Jesus. Samson was humbled in his thinking of where his strength came from. Solomon was humbled in his estimation of his wisdom to make righteous judgments apart from God.

The key, then, is to receive God’s Holy Spirit to triumph over every situation.

The principles of winning are not hidden. They are placed where only those with a heart, mind, and conscience governed by God’s Word (Jesus) can obtain them.

Take, for instance, rendering your opponent and opposition powerless to influence or persuade you to stop your forward progression ~ which is the principle for winning.

For example, when Jesus was confronted by Satan through Peter to abort His Life’s Mission. Jesus rendered Satan’s use of a loved one powerless to persuade Him to give up on His Life’s Mission. Jesus, discerning Satan’s tactics of using scripture apart from the HEART OF GOD, presented the way to OVERCOME Satan’s strategy.

A closer look at the principle of winning Jesus used are as follows:

1. Create the weakness

2. Recognize the errors/ weakness

3. Capitalize on your strengths/ over their weakness

You can create a weakness by causing your opponent and opposition to exhaust themselves. However, only by God’s Holy Spirit can you discern and resist agreeing with the errors in their argument seeking to persuade you to abort your life’s mission. Let it be known trusting God’s Word (Jesus) enables you to overwhelm your opponent and opposing forces to retreat.

This is just the beginning….

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~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”

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