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Life's Challenges: (The Perfect Storm)

Your closest family or friends are not able to handle the storm in your life.

· Your parent, child, or close friend’s death

· Your efforts aren’t producing as needed

· The World seems to be crashing all around you

· You feel trapped in a relationship or job that provides but not fulfilling

(I will focus on just two of the above Your Efforts and Feeling Trapped)

Your Efforts are not producing as needed:

While out at sea, the Disciples were caught in a Storm and feared for their lives. Their efforts were futile in addressing the current challenge. The need to survive was too far apart from their efforts to matter.

Fishermen are the professionals on the seas. A Perfect Storm causes Fishermen to fear because their experience and education say all aboard will perish. Like us today, our past experiences and education teach us that we are doomed. No way out!

After applying their expertise, the professionals began to seek Jesus, who was sleeping through the storm. Their efforts were not sufficient for the effects of the storm. Our efforts during the Perfect Storm in our lives will prove to be insufficient and useless. Seek Jesus!

The lesson learned was that the Fishermen had not applied their Faith to the Situation. Jesus demonstrated by rebuking the cause and the effects that produced fear and frustration.

You Feel Trapped in your relationship or job:

While out at sea, the Disciples felt trapped in the boat. However, the boat provided some safety from the wind and water, but not enough to give them peace of mind or joy of heart. I can see how they felt trapped - abandon or stay?

The Disciples became frustrated with Jesus for sleeping during their crisis moment. Like us today, we become frustrated with God for allowing storms to come and not do anything about it. The feeling of entrapment comes when we feel there is no way out. For example, you feel smothered and restricted in the position, unable to move freely.

Jesus pointed out the Disciples' feelings were created by them lacking faith. The Disciples failed to realize that the Son of God was in the boat too. Jesus said we are going to the other side to minister there. The point here is that we must not panic when commitment is the topic. When you decide the relationship or job is worthy of your decision to commit, see it through no matter what!

Jesus checked His Disciples on lacking faith not feeling trapped.

Brotherly Love:

Jesus is the answer for us because He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. The answer does not always agree with our human intelligence or desires. The Perfect Storm is resolved by our Faith. Our Works show our Faith.

Jesus rebukes the cause and the effects of trauma within our lives, as He did on the boat (Luke 8:23-24). The Works are manifested by our commitment and passion for honoring God through our obedience. Get to the place last instructed. We have scriptures (in writing) and His Holy Spirit within us to exercise the authority over the Perfect Storms in our lives.

Refocusing our efforts to obey and please God above ourselves and others will produce an abundance - read Luke 5:4-11. Contending to maintain our Faith by way of Works (manifestation of our commitment and passion for fulfilling the instructions given by the Lord) -read Galatians 6:9.

Be encouraged in the Lord:

In Jesus’ name, I command the winds and sea (of troubles) to cease in your life. What was meant to take your peace and joy will instead cause you to develop the character of Jesus. This storm will not rob you of eternal peace and joy in the Lord! We must apply the scriptures to life's challenges because they are spirit-filled and good for instruction and correction. You will thrive where you once were defeated…Jesus is the difference. Have Faith. Delayed but not denied. Forward movement takes patience during the storm.

~Your Brother in Christ

Command the Perfect Storm to cease and regain your peace of mind with joy as you press forward following Jesus’ lead. Peace. Share with others.


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