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Life's Challenges 101: (Stop Hopelessness)

Life’s Challenges 101: (Stop Hopelessness from producing Helpless people)

For this short discussion, we will consider three areas:

1. Attachments (Relationships)

2. Survival (Environment)

3. Mastery (Individually)

Hope is a Spiritual Matter:

Hope is a Spiritual matter because it is beyond physical measurement and control. For instance, our humanity can only address what is seen or felt personally. However, spirituality can address both the seen and unseen regardless of personal experiences. For example, by the Holy Spirit, a person is given a Word of Knowledge about your private issue. The Holy Spirit provides a person with a Word of Wisdom that inspires and resurrects Hope within you.

Hopelessness in our Relationships:

Hopelessness in relationships can be viewed by all when we express our feelings of unworthiness of love, care, and others' support. We alienate ourselves…you don’t have to feel alone in a crowded room anymore. Jesus is our worthiness and has sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us in our new relationship with God, our Creator. He restores Purpose when we attach to Him…when you are ready.

Hopelessness in our Environment:

Hopelessness in environments can be viewed by all when we express our “inner” feelings that nothing can change our circumstances for the better. We convince ourselves that our lives are already doomed…you don’t have to believe this lie you tell yourself anymore. Jesus is the truth and way out of despair. For example, Jesus sends the Holy Spirit, who shows us things that we never considered…that inspires, heals, and produces hope. He causes us to overcome our fears where we thrive to higher heights (beyond surviving only) when we are hidden in Jesus…when you are ready.

Hopelessness in our “Individual” selves:

Hopelessness in our “individual” selves can be seen by all when we give up on dreams, endeavors, and aspirations to make positive contributions in life. We tell ourselves that it is impossible and pointless to attempt to press forward. In other words, we convince ourselves we are powerless to do anything about our situation or circumstances. However, Jesus has overcome the World and defeated the forces that are contrary to breaking through to victory. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to produce mastery over our emotions, attitudes, and consciencewhere all things are possible when we decide to trust in the power of God to make way for us to overcome the moment at hand.

There is hope and help…when you are ready to attach with Jesus, be hid in Jesus, and trust Jesus with our lives.

Hopelessness may produce helpless people, but Hope produces people able to help others. What is your testimony? Helpless or Helpful???

~Your Brother in Christ

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Reference: the 3 areas were inspired by Anthony Scioli and Henry B. Biller's Oxford University Press 2009


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