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Life's Challenges: (The Wilderness Period)

Life’s Challenges: (Passing through the Wilderness)

You have gone through hell, in all areas of your life…then you are delivered into the Wilderness. Where is God in this? Shhh!

The moment bondage seemed better than…Why Lord God is this happening? Shhh!

How can you not be upset with God and seek to make things happen apart from Him? Enough!!!

The Truth will offend:

The truth will offend those who never had a heart or mind for God. The truth will offend those who only came because they followed the crowd. The truth will offend because those who choose to forget that their “own” intelligence or power did not deliver them…You get the point!

The Separation is monumental:

God is not lost, nor are you, at this moment! You are where you need to be for purging and development. Yes. God's allowance of the Wilderness Period was not meant for physical death but to sober the mind and circumcise the heart. For instance, where we are going, our mind and heart must be right to enter.

Where is God? He is where you believe He is! (separate the believer from the non-believer)

The Process is real:

The issue you have with God is He is God and does not have to bow to your wishes. We can be spoiled with entitlement issues that God to us is the genie in the lantern. Whoop! The Wilderness Period is meant to break us out of being spoiled, entitled children “that are offended” when disciplined for the wrong decisions we make. For example, many have blamed God for bringing us to unfamiliar surroundings hungry, thirsty, and slaughtered by enemies.

We question God – Why Lord God, is this happening? What kind of God are You? Right!

He is a loving Father that runs His house well and will not tolerate disobedient, ungrateful, entitled children run amuck. Like most fathers, He allows us to feel some hard times, uncomfortable situations, and inconvenience to develop soundness, stability, and productive people.

The other side of the Wilderness:

The beauty of surviving the Wilderness Period is that we learn that God provided and protected us the whole time. For instance, those whose minds and hearts were about God followed God’s cloud and pillar of fire learned life lessons. The lesson to learn was to follow the man or woman of God as they follow God. Men and women of God that no longer follow God have no cloud or pillar of fire as a witness. (They should not be followed.)

Jesus was lifted on a cloud after enduring the fires of hell for us. [my belief]

However, those who decided to blame God and turn from God to do their own thing were allowed until… That’s another story. Just know it is written false prophets, false Christs, and false doctrines will be prevalent. We also learn that men and women in offices are still human and should not be followed apart from God's Cloud and Pillar of Fire.

Brotherly Suggestion:

The Wilderness Period is not to see how much God can make your life more miserable, but to examine and filter the Predestined from Permitted. What I mean is this, those of you who are Predestined will feel the presence of God during, understand your faith is being developed, and become more confident that God is God. His Grace is sufficient. While the others will blame, complain, and turn from God mocking Him.

The decision is ours to make. We all will pass through the Wilderness Period, but not all will have learned contentment, obedience, and trust. Not all will enjoy the promises of God afterward. Read about God and the Children of Israel in the Wilderness.

~Your Brother in Christ

Let's be clear, the objective is not to offend anyone, but it will happen. The intent is to give a different perspective about responding to periods of struggle in unfamiliar places. God bless the reader with wisdom and understanding to discern the moment and message.


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