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Lord, help me overcome my offended heart and troubled mind Pt. 2

When my efforts to change my conditions make matters worst.

(Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional- as Jesus said, after being healed present yourself to those in authority as evidence of God's work being true.)

You have worked your but off trying to get over the hump and live a life free of nuances from the pressures of living in this world, only to come up short and feel defeated and frustrated. This is a reason for a TROUBLED mind…right???

In part one, we looked at the life of Cain (offended heart), but now we must address the TROUBLED Mind (Children of Israel). There is a time in our lives when we tend to become mentally fatigued, distressed, and overly anxious.

Lord, I am troubled ~ Are You fighting against me?

In the Bible, Book of Haggai, we learn of the time when the Children of Israel found themselves trapped in an unfavorable system. Under a Government Rule that was not concerned about their welfare or well-being. They set out to do what they had to do, to survive the day, only to find their efforts futile. WHY???

Consider for a moment you are being hounded by your creditors to pay what you owe, but your earnings come up insufficient. This would lead to your mind being troubled, especially when your efforts are legal. However, the Children of Israel knew that they were in this situation because they rejected God as God.

The Children of Israel (like us) are the cause of our TROUBLEs:

Here’s the interesting thing about the trouble the Children of Israel are in - they rejected God as God and followed the religions of those God defeated for disobeying and disregarding Him as God. (Let that sink in for a minute!)

To add hurt to injury, the Children of Israel began to say to themselves it is better to address their concerns and not God’s.

A little background - it was during the time God had given the Children of Israel some comfort under the rule of His chosen. Unfortunately, they sought to use this time of comfort on themselves and not on the One who gave them this comfort.

“What are we doing with the time God has given us under the rulership of those God has allowed to be in position???”

Counseling for the Troubled Mind:

As time went on, the efforts of the people produced results that prevented a comfort life on earth. They were doing everything in their power and intellect to survive in the system. What was the problem???

God sent a messenger to counsel them on why this was happening. The Bible doesn’t say how the Children of Israel felt or thought about everything happening in their lives. My question to you is, how would you have felt, and what would you have thought had this happened to you??? Would you have blamed the system or others for your situation, circumstances, and condition???

Most Trouble Minds are blaming the system and others for their conditions. We pay hefty fees for professionals to listen to our problems and receive their professional opinions on how to fix ourselves and find peace. However, what can the professional say when your problem is a spiritual issue that does not go away by you fixing you??? [Let that sink in for a minute!]

The Elected individual to speak for God to the people was Haggai. Haggai is a very short book in the Bible. Haggai counsels the people, saying that God is working against them and not the system as they thought. Wheeew!!!

I could imagine them fatigued mentally, stressed, and having anxiety attacks because they learned it was God opposing them and the system or people. That would TROUBLE a lot of people today!!! Nonetheless, the truth is the Children of Israel, like Cain, chose the wrong or unpreferred thing to do - to get what they wanted.

Overcoming the Troubled Mind by getting RIGHT with God:

Now, this is where many will become offended and troubled - the TRUTH is being told. You are the reason for your anxiety attacks and bouts with depression resulting from your efforts being ineffective and insufficient to solve your life’s issues.

Haggai, then counsels the people on why God was against them and their work. In response, the people CHOSE to REPENT and get RIGHT with GOD. They became settled on rebuilding a relationship with God instead of addressing their life's issues. Rebuilding the Temple of God has great significance. The Temple represents the place where intimacy between God and His Created Being (in His Image) could take place.

The New Result Produced ~ Blessings overtook the people, and God (the Great Provider) provided for their needs. In the New Testament, Paul tells the people of Philippi that God supplies all your needs. Jesus said, Prioritize God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all things you need will be added to you.

Don’t put your needs above God’s, or your Trouble will be your own doing!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog Post. If this has been a blessing, please share it with others.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A session with your Brother.”


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