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Only God is authorized to address it!!

The health and wealth of our spiritual hearts and minds.

There is much talk about seeing a Therapist to address issues and to decompress from the pressures of day-to-day living. I agree. We should seek professional help to address our physical hearts and minds. However, I believe that there is no one greater to address the cause of our issues…than God.

I know some have a different opinion - with valid reasons. I get it! I am a minority voice here with my own valid reasons.

Spiritually Healthy (Hearts and Minds)~

The word “Spiritual(-ly)” changes the dynamics of the discussion. I am no doctor or specialist in the area of the heart and mind. Nonetheless, like most, I want the best and most qualified working on my health. I realize you may be feeling some kind of way about the topic - scratching against your intellect and infusing a need to defend your beliefs and intelligence.

Yet it is the unseen causes of our issues or occurrences that are beyond our understanding to fix or heal on our own. [Not knowing that the real culprits for our unhealthy outlook on life are spiritual in nature.]

None of this makes sense or matters until we experience the pain and suffering resulting from us being spiritually unhealthy in our hearts and minds. What does that look like?

  • Dysfunctional Reasonings/ Unfavorable Results/ Destructive Behaviors/ Emotional Disorders

My objective is to point out that God (the Creator) is the best and most qualified Being worthy to address the causes of the above issues. [Authorized]

Notice, I said, “worthy to address the cause...”

From birth, we have a natural instinct to sin (feel, think, and act against God’s Commands). Consider why a toddler's first instinct is to lie when caught doing wrong. Consider why as a child, we throw temper tantrums when we don’t get the results we want or expect.

[We are talking about toddlers and adolescent children] Consider why siblings from the same dysfunctional/functional family behave and emotionally express themselves differently.

My opinion: The Spiritual heart and mind of the toddler and adolescent are being addressed by God for fulfilling His purpose for their lives. For instance, Jacob and Esau were twins but responded differently to God, God’s Commands, and God’s Discipline.

I realize that many of you reading - beg to differ about the role the Therapist would have played in the lives of Jacob and Esau. But, let me point out that a Therapist can only treat and address what is obvious (made known) to the 5 senses. The cause of the issues is beyond human intellect and physical senses. [Beyond their expertise]

Healthy ~

The word Health pertains to the conditional state and functionality of the subject or object in question. Therefore, the model of HEALTHY must be established first to diagnose whether the subject or object’s conditional state and functionality are equal to the model of HEALTHY.

Healthy - the conditional state of being sound in body, mind, and spirit. The functionality of operating and producing results as designed.

The one proven able to correct and eliminate the cause of the unhealthy conditions is worthy of being given AUTHORITY to address it!!! The one who can make it "as" the MODEL of HEALTHY. In our case, the model is Jesus (God’s Word covered by flesh).

~ In His image

The Therapist is not knowledgeable of our purpose in life or the model we were fashioned to be compared with.

How can a Health Professional honestly diagnose you as being spiritually healthy without your purpose and the model you were fashioned after???

~sidenote: Many say they don’t believe the Bible because it was written by man to control man. Hmmm. Hold that thought for a minute.

Let me be clear; Health Professionals are instruments God uses to address our physical needs. However, when it comes to our spiritual needs, they are not authorized to address them.

  • Dysfunctional Reasoning - Caused by Demonic Manipulation over the Carnal Mind

  • Unfavorable Results - Caused by Demonic Influence to Rob Creation of Joy and Peace or God Punishing disobedience.

  • Destructive Behavior - Caused by Demonic Oppression to Destroy the Soul

  • Emotional Disorder - Caused by Demonic Attacks to Kill the Spirit from joining with God

I AM NOT A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL!! This Blog Post is for informational purposes only. You must come to your own conclusion as to who you will authorize to address your spiritual needs. As for me, I choose God (the Creator), the one who created me to fulfill a purpose and fashioned me (in the image of His Son Jesus) to complete His assignment for me.

Join me next week when we discuss “Spiritually Wealthy.”

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”

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