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Overcoming Temptation

Build resistance, Exercise authority, and Get wisdom and understanding from God.

The Truth:

Temptation is common while alive in our physical bodies. Temptation is a problem when we yield. Therefore, to overcome temptation, we must build our resistance, exercise our authority, and get wisdom and understanding. Jesus taught and demonstrated that overcoming temptation is possible.

New Perspective:

Until we obtain a new perspective about addressing the triggers and fleshly desires common to being human – temptation will produce more victims and offenders. The problem tends to be our inability to see the End at the Beginning that prevents us from resisting the temptation. For instance, when we see the devastation that occurs when we yield or the positive impact for not yielding less chance of a victim or offender being produced.

Personal thoughts:

  • Building up our resistance by connecting and re-enforcing our spirit and soul with God’s desires above our “own” fleshly desires removes our focus from pleasing self. For example, when hungry and tempted by Satan to please Himself, Jesus overcame the temptation by focusing on the benefit of remaining loyal to His Fast unto God. Resist by staying focus on being loyal to God.

  • Exercising your delegated authority by using and applying the Word of God to cast out evil and demonic spirits instead of entertaining them. For example, when Satan sought Jesus to bow down and worship him to receive power, dominion, and glory (apart from God) – Jesus commanded Satan to get behind Him. (Get out of my way!!!) The Bible says Satan left Jesus alone. Cast out the Tempter using the authority given to you as a doer of the Word – not just a hearer.

  • Getting wisdom and understanding from God, by acknowledging and receiving them through faith – we obtain discernment (through revelation) of what right and wrong thoughts, decisions, and actions are. For example, when Peter expressed his concerns for Jesus’ life – Jesus discerned that this was not of God, but of Satan, to hinder God’s plans to reconcile souls to Himself. The Bible says God reveals from faith to faith, making it impossible for those walking by human sight (alone) to distinguish right from wrong as it pertains to spiritual matters. Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit. From God’s Spirit, we get God’s wisdom and understanding, affording us to overcome temptation regardless of how good or innocent it seems.

Brotherly love:

How to stay clean when our spirit and soul are weakened by stress or distress:

We stay clean and sober by convincing ourselves to focus on the End of the matter at the Beginning. Take a deep breath and place your center of interest on God and His plans. Speak God’s truth and not your own or others. Do not entertain demonic conversations within your head or heart. Subdue your emotions by the authority given by the Lord.

May God bless you and yours keeping you clean and sober.

~Your Brother in Christ

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