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"Pressure bust pipes and relationships"

"This is not the time or the place."

Have you ever said or thought this saying?

The Truth:

We use this saying when we are pressured and annoyed by something or someone. 1) We are running out of time. 2) We are trying to get into position.

We want relief, not more disturbances!!! This is PERSONAL!!!


We can overcome our personal issues by making time and embracing our position while improving through unity (together, we can achieve peace).

God makes a way when and where we see no way. God's favor and mercy make the saying above both blessing and curse. For instance, it is a blessing when directed towards anyone or thing that opposes your God-given purpose. It is a curse when directed towards God, those He sends, and permitted occurrences that lead you out of the mess (Relationships, Transactions, and Affiliations).


Time is precious, and Position is key. Failing to acknowledge and understand this is why you are kept out and feel rejected. You made no TIME and were always out of POSITION!!!!

Make the adjustments, and together we can overcome the pressures and annoyances in life. Jesus' name are we victorious.

Peace ~Your Brother in Christ

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