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Relationship 101: (Consider your Inner-Circle)

Relationship 101: (Consider your Inner-Circle and the Vision)

No one wants to hear that their inner circle is the reason for their inability to fulfill the vision. Right?

I mean, isn’t that blaming others and not taking extreme responsibility? [imbalanced responsibility is dangerous!]

The Vision:

Since you were a child, God blessed you with a vision for your life – what was that vision? [let’s address relationships] What was the vision that involved others in participating? Marriage? Business? Ministry/ Community Service?

Don’t allow ignorance, fear, or pride to rob you of fulfilling the vision! For instance, the information needed is available, and the persons within your circle know or know someone that can provide what you need. If not, you need to seek God to matchmake someone new to the inner circle. Warning: the inner circle is for fulfilling God’s purpose for creating you; building an inner circle for our “own” selfish reasons will prove self-destructive. Torn from the inside out!!!

The Circle:

The circle consists of individuals who bring specific skills, abilities, knowledge, connections, and energy to fulfill the vision. In other words, they must believe, value, and trust that the vision is agreeable and worth them attaching.

What we tend to forget is the vision is what is being followed and not the person. For example, a man who has a vision of being married will not hesitate to propose to the woman he believes will help fulfill the vision. The woman who agrees and values the same vision will say yes to the man’s proposal. The point: do not place people within the inner circle that do not agree and value the vision (God ordained), or the vision will go unfulfilled. Torn from the inside out!!!

Brotherly Love:

I am not telling you to divorce people from your inner circle. I am saying consider the people in your inner circle and their contributions to fulfilling the vision God has given you. Do not allow your fears that no one will support the vision to stop you from pursuing. Don’t allow pride to cause you to pursue a vision that God did not author. For example, people in your inner circle possess the wisdom to speak into your life when the activities are not beneficial, or the vision is off. [They bring balance with their differences] Not all will agree, but prayer involving God will cause some to vacate the circle and others to step in their place. Warning: never speak evil against those who vacate the circle because God has something else for them. Keep your mouth off of people – you are not all-knowing!

Continue to build strong relationships and pray that God fills your inner circle with others that will agree and value the vision God ordains. Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ

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