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Relationship 101: (Matchmaking - the Right One)

· Is it your Looks?

· Is it your Sex?

· Is it your Companionship?

· Is it your Partnership?

Disclaimer: This blog post is from a biblical viewpoint, so some may not understand the principle shared.

Principle #3:

God draws the Right Person to you. You have tried everything only to attract or select the wrong individual in your life. (This is not about telling you in detail or make any guarantees on how to land the Mr or Ms. Right.) The objective is to share biblical principles that work as God decides and at His timing. Do not prejudge your significant other prematurely!!!

Brutal Honesty: (from a brotherly perspective)

Those of you desiring a special someone in your life must consider a few things about yourself first. Are you fit for a relationship? No, disrespect intended. But, honestly, God matches us with persons that will fulfill His purpose. If you are looking for your toes curled or someone that makes you feel important, “at that time,” you are making the match and not God. The person God chooses will cause you to become GOOD and not WICKED!! Are you a better person, or are you with someone that validates your wickedness?

The Right One:

The Right One does not always “start out that way,” nor look the part. God places two imperfect people together and uses the union to testify of His GOODNESS. (This is why I said do not prejudge the one you with) Look back over your life without and with them, if nothing has changed to make you fit for God’s use – your Right One is not God’s Right One! [At the moment] Pray for God to intervene and address your union as He sees fit!

The Point:

Stop being your (own) matchmaker and choosing the wrong one who causes you to feel useless and inadequate. Surrender the matchmaking business to God. God knows who He has ordained for marriage and who He has ordained a life of singleness. Married or Single…we are nothing without Jesus. May God open your eyes, ears, and heart to His understanding that you and yours may live a blessed life together against all odds. Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ

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