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Relationship 101: What is this?

[For mature audiences only]

The scenario:

  • We are connected by an agreed vision, purpose, and a desire to fulfill them as one. [Relationship]

  • We are connected by a pregnancy, sexual excitement, and a desire to fulfill our individual wants. [situationship]

  • We are connected by complicated feelings, compromised emotions, and a desire to escape reality per our individual pain. [Entanglement]

The Question:

Based on the above descriptions, which best describes you and your partner?

A. Relationship

B. Situationship

C. Entanglement

The Truth:

People can remain in either three for years, separated only by death.


For those who desire to be in a "Relationship," this is accomplished by first surrendering unto God that He may address the pain, fear, and hate that governs your ability to enter and keep a relationship.

Hard truth:

Our sin-nature and demonic activity win most of the time because we blame people (including ourselves) for the mess.

No, we are not free from accountability. For instance, we are wrong for allowing foreign and domestic beings to pollute our minds and hearts. Jesus is the answer for removing our sin-nature, and the foothold demons use to wreak havoc in our lives.

May God bless the reader of this post with wisdom and understanding to exercise authority and power over every opposition that prevents a healthy relationship that glorifies God in every way. Peace.

~Your Brother in Christ

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