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The Endtimes - the Kingdom of God is at hand.

A message for ALL that FEW will understand!

All of the signs are pointing to something big coming! Whether you believe it or not - things are happening beyond the control and intellect of human beings on earth.

The objective of this Blog Post is not to cause panic but to make all aware of the offering God provides about a place with conditions free of the chaos coming!

“It begins with - Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”

Preparing the way

The Bible is full of information about the end-times. The problem is not many of us understand or are focused on His Testimony and Prophecy about it!

“Are our Hearts and Minds FIT to receive God’s Presence (Holy Spirit) now?”

Circumcising the Heart to receive the Holy Spirit

Every situation that is permitted to happen in our lives is with reason. For instance, the separation of families because of irreconcilable differences. Be honest - it only matters if you really care about them! However, we are addressing the fitness of our Hearts and Minds to receive God’s Holy Spirit.

You may be asking, why is this important? Good. It is important because only the Holy Spirit of God knows and understands the Heart and Mind of God. Yes, He is the only one who can guide and counsel us on what we must be doing in response to the situation at hand.

A brief lesson on End-time prophecy ~ Joel 1:15 calls it the Day of the Lord - meaning Day of Judgment.

In the Old Testament days, the people would tear their garments to express their abhorrence of a sin worthy of God’s Wrath. However, God was not impressed with tearing garments when it was their Hearts that were filled with evil intents.

Like the Garden of Eden and the Land of Canaan (Promised Land), the Kingdom of God is a place filled with Abundance and God’s Righteousness. However, when humans exercised their freedom of Will and Choice - the uncircumcised Heart would provoke God to Wrath.

Read about the Great Flood in Noah’s day (Genesis 6:9-9:17) and the Fire and Brimstone rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19)

I know ~ you are wondering - why the fuss about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit when you can just be a good person. To label, anyone good is a judgment call. True? Are we honestly qualified to label anyone good but God? We all have fallen short of being perfect, disqualifying us from judging anyone’s imperfections.

The things happening today, though…give us reason to pause and consider whether our time on earth will end as those mentioned above.

“Will our uncircumcised Heart prevent us from receiving God’s Holy Spirit and cause issue with us inheriting the Kingdom?”

The Test to see whether our Heart is Fit or not!

  1. Your prayers are governed by your Intents being met, not God's (Entitlement Issues)

  2. You can't answer what God's Intention or Heart's Desire is for your life, position, duties, and responsibilities. Spoiled

  3. You perform to be celebrated and acknowledged by people more than God. (People Pleaser Issues)

  4. You are clueless as to what God requires and expects from you. Compromised

  5. You are more conscious that your responses and initiatives will Justify you and your idols (whom you desire to impress) and not God. (Sin-Nature in control)

  6. You are clueless as to how God wants you to respond or what initiatives God approves. Evil Intentions

Those of us convicted in any way with these six and willing to learn what to do to clear our conscience. The Heart is Fit to receive the Holy Spirit when it is willing to undergo the painful purification process from its entitled, compromising, and evil intentions.

If this has been a blessing, please hit the heart button.

Be encouraged. I will continue with “Preparing the Way - Circumcising the Heart” next Thursday. Please Share with others. God Bless.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

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