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What to do - when Reality is Distorted and Dangerous to you and others.

Assessment of our lives when Reality is distorted and dangerous.

Reality – A proven fact. Truth uncovered. Not presumed in appearance but witnessed or experienced as actual.

This Blog post is to share information on what to do when your REALITY is the cause of your problems and misfortune. It is through the Written Word of God and the teaching of His Holy Spirit that we are capable of overcoming a DISTORTED and DANGEROUS REALITY.

What causes Reality to be distorted and dangerous?

There are two main causes of reality being distorted and dangerous.

  1. False Doctrine

  2. Evil Spirits

Can we talk?

I am not here to point fingers at any religion, ministry, or minister. The forming of our "own" reality stems from us believing, witnessing, and experiencing events that deceive and seduce our minds. [Images that produce pain] The problem arises when what we believe is a lie. Or when referencing what is no longer true. [Memories triggering emotions that are no longer valid]

Discerning what is a lie and what is true today –

The Creator (God Almighty) created and placed within us a conscience that either accepts or rejects information.

God’s chosen are governed by His Holy Spirit and inspired by His written word. God chooses to intervene and open their understanding as to what is REALLY from Him.

God’s Voice and Ways are valued and familiar to them. [Affording them to resist False teachings and Evil influences]

Those apart from God are easily persuaded by False Doctrine and Evil Spirits. They are not capable of discerning what is REAL or Not!!!

God’s Voice and Ways are willfully disregarded and not familiar to them. [Affording them not to resist False teachings and Evil influences]

What should we do, when we have been deceived and seduced by Evil Spirits and False Teachers (spreading false doctrine)?

Learn of Jesus! Read the testimonies of those whose lives were changed by following His example and model of living. We are to become acquainted with God’s written word and yield to the inspiration from His Holy Spirit. For instance, God commands, affirms, and promises us many things when we are in Covenant Relationship with Him.

We must separate and no longer entertain the culprits of distorted and dangerous realities.

  1. Take time to Fast and Pray for God’s Divine Intervention in your life.

  2. Give yourself to reading scriptures that pertain to your particular situation (God's principles and approved thoughts).

  3. Forgive others "their" trespasses and debts as God has done for you. We have been Redeemed by Jesus!!!

Liberation from false realities

The harsh truth is many will miss this because they struggle with believing God is real. The message will trigger those "who are predestined" to be fellow heirs with Jesus to escape false realities and the attached consequences.

"Come out from among them and be separate…" (2 Corinthians 6:17 MEV)

"Come out of her, my people, lest you partake in her sins, and receive her plagues." (Revelation 18:4 MEV)

Note: Because God commanded us to come out, we have the authorization (The Right) and power (The Strength) to overcome the bond of false realities.

If this has been a blessing, please leave a comment.

Be great. Anything less is a sin.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

“A Session with your Brother.”


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